Halloween Theme – Glamorous Girls Night Party Ideas

Are you planning for an Halloween girls night party? Use these Halloween theme suggestions and your party will be a scream! Here are a variety of glamorous girls night party ideas you can use to find the right entertainment, clothing, and decorations for your upcoming Halloween themed party.

You can easily transform your girls night into a Halloween themed party. We’ve put together some glamorous girls night Halloween decoration ideas that will illuminate the spooky and sophisticated elements of Halloween. Set the tone by sending glamorous Halloween party invitations! Customize them in the PurpleTrail design center to fit your Halloween girls night theme. After your invites are ready, read on to find out what to do next!

Halloween theme
Happy Halloween card by PurpleTrail.

Halloween Theme Colors

Choosing a glamorous color palette is the first thing to do when planning your Halloween party decorations. Of course black is a great base color. Choosing a black tablecloth is the perfect foundation for your table. Next add in dark purples and silver. A deep rich purple accent runner with silver accents will make the table shimmer. If purple isn’t your color you can throw in a little dark but bold ruby red for the same effect.


Accent pieces will be the glue that holds your glamorous theme together. A candelabra is always a good, dramatic choice for a centerpiece. A matte black one can have an even more glamorous impact over a silver one. Accent it with deep red, purple or black dripping wax candles. You can find inexpensive candelabras at party stores and spray paint them to be the color you want. Candles are an inexpensive way to add glamour and mystery to your decor. Get all styles; tea lights and pillars of varying height. You can glam them up by adding on shinny black jewels. Try creating bats and spiders out of the jewels to adhere to the candles. Keeping the lights low will keep they mysterious and glamorous vibe going.


Food can really make or break a party. Make sure to scatter a nice selection of treats, snacks, and beverage around your venue so guests can easily access all of your party grub. Try putting a spooky twist on classic holiday treats. Prepare Dark Caramel Apples for your halloween theme party. These apples are delicious and they also have a very striking, spooky appearance that will add to your celebrations ambiance. You can find the recipe on Countryliving.com.

halloween theme
Dark candy apples. Photo courtesy of Ohmy-creative.com.

Plates, Glassware, and Napkins

Find inexpensive reusable party plates. You can find black and white damask patterned plates online or at party supply stores. The great thing about investing in some reusable dinnerware is that you’ll have it to go to for your event. You can dress it up for any theme. Finding ruby colored plates would also be a beautiful and glamorous addition. You could use either style for the holidays too!

For glassware and napkins, it will definitely add to the glamour factor if you use reusable choices. You can transform plain napkin rings into glamorous ones by gluing on jewels. Follow your color palette and select either silver or black napkins. If you are serving creative Halloween cocktails that carry bold colors of green or red, use clear glassware and let the drink decorate the glass. For less flashy beverages, consider black goblets.

Serve your food on vintage style silver platters. Visit your local Goodwill or consignment store and you’ll be surprised what cool things you can find. You can modify inexpensive finds with spray paint, fabric and jewels. Have fun and be creative. The right accessories will really make your Halloween theme a success.

What to Wear?

Wear a spooky Halloween costume or a favorite black dress. Remember to make note of the dress code in your party invitations, so guests will know what to prepare for. Looking for a last minute costume? Try applying scary zombie makeup. Wear torn clothing and spatter yourself with fake-blood for a spooky affect. Or, if you have a red hat lying around and something white and fluffy, you can create a quick garden gnome costume. Simply throw on the red hat and create a beard using cotton stuffing. If you’re are looking for a prettier option, purchase a cheep pair of wings and go as an angel or a fairy.


Scary movies are a must for any Halloween party! Find a few scary flicks that match your theme. If you’re planning a vampire or blood themed party, play Bram Stoker’s DraculaTwilight, or episodes of True Blood throughout your party. This will give guests something to do if they feel like relaxing for while. The movies don’t have to be focal part of your party. Just have them playing in the background. They’ll add to the spooky atmosphere. Music, games, and dancing also make for great party entertainment. Incorporate all of these suggestions into your party and their will be an activity for everyone to enjoy!

Happy Halloween

Follow these tips and tricks and your Halloween theme celebration will be a success. Have fun creating a unique Halloween theme of your own. Your guest will love a celebration you incorporate your creativity into. We hope you have a fantastic glamorous girls night this Halloween! Have fun planning your party!

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