Girls Night In – Perfect Party Games for Gals

Send out your girls night invitations and round up the girls and plan for a, fabulous night of good friends and great fun. For your girls night in we’ve put together the perfect party games for, gals. Make your girls night in a night to remember, and don’t forget to send striking invitations!

Girls Night Out Invitations

Red Heels Girls Night Out Invitation

Deluxe Box of Bunco

A fun game of dice. Mix up a batch of margaritas and you and the gals will have a great time with these easy to learn game.

The Girlfriends Box of Questions

Grab a cocktail and gather the girls. The Girlfriends Box of Questions is a great game to bond with the girls! This, game is particularly good for, crowds that may not, know each other well. There are 35 question cards.

What’s A Dame To Do!?

Perfect for a girls night with ladies of all ages. You are faced with hypothetical and embarrassing situations and you have to figure out what each person would most likely do from a list of hilarious options. There’s no big strategy, or a need to be creative or artistic. It’s simply about getting your girls together and having a great time and a lot of laughs

Girls Night Out Pink Playing Cards and Dice

Who says poker night is just for the guys. This box of fun includes, a deck of cards, and 5 dice in “Girl’s Night Out” theme. The perfect accessories for girl’s poker night! So put on your poker face and ante up for a wild night of fun!

Girls’ Night Out: Truth Be Told Want to get the dish on your girlfriends? Play this game and little will be left secret with questions like:, What is the one secret that you keep from your boyfriend? Have you ever taken revenge on an ex? Who would play you in a movie of your life? Have you ever eaten a whole box of chocolates? These and 32 more questions in a fun game!

We hope you have fun girls night in ladies!

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