Girls Night In Ideas For a Perfect Celebration

There is nothing like getting together with your girlfriends. We all love our significant others and our children dearly, but sometimes being with just your girlfriends is a must. So why not plan a girls night in party? Getting together all your girlfriends, plus your favorite food and drinks, is nothing short of fabulous. Use PurpleTrail’s girls night invitations to help set the theme.

Girls Night In
Girls night in invitation by PrupleTrail.

These girls night in ideas will help you host a perfect celebration. If your girls night in is for a bachelorette party, be sure to pick out some stylish bachelorette party favors. If your girls night in party becomes a recurring event, be sure to rotate houses and let everyone contribute food and drink . That way responsibilities don’t always fall on the same person. Check out these girls night ideas for a perfect party with your girl friends.

Girls Night Invitations

A successful party starts with the right invitations! Find invitation for your girls night in celebration on Create a totally unique invitation design from scratch, or add custom wording and photos to one of our beautiful design templates. Ether way, you can’t go wrong! Your girls will love receiving invitations with custom wording and photos!

Girls Night In Ideas for Activities and Themes

Choosing a theme will make your celebration more interesting and easier to plan for! Choose a theme that suits you and guests interests and coordinate your invitations, activities, and decorations to match that theme. Activities and entertainment will make or break a celebration. Use this list of advice to find a theme for your party, as well as fun party activities and entertainment ideas.

Wine and Dine

Have everyone bring their favorite bottle of inexpensive wine and tapas style appetizers to compliment. If you any unopened bottles leftover, save them for the next night in. Need some great appetizer ideas? Take a look at for great wine and food pairing ideas!

Movie Marathon

Girls night in is the perfect time to watch all those romantic dramas and comedies. Be sure to pick up a few choices so you and your guests, have options to choose from. For a list of wonderful movies, check out IMDB’s list of Best Films and Television Series With Strong Female Characters. Their list features a number of great movies to choose from!

Game Time

Start a Bunco group. Bunco has evolved into the equivalent of Dad’s poker night. Check out for more info about the game. You’ll really be surprised at how fun this game can be!

Spa Night

You can move beyond manis and pedis. Have everyone bring a small, seal-able container and make your own sugar scrubs to use and take home. If you want to go all out, hire a massage therapist to come and give mini massages to everyone. Make sure everyone knows to where their comfy clothes to this event!

Sex and the City Marathon

If you and your friends love watching Carrie and the girls in NY, rent the series and whip up a batch of cosmopolitans to enjoy with the show! Check out for cosmo recipe ideas.

Cut and Create

If your group is creative and crafty, plan a scrap-booking or card making night. Everyone can bring their tools to share. Need more craft ideas? Check out this list for craft inspiration!

  • Make candles
  • Jewelry
  • Lighting decor
  • Homemade Paper

Dinner Delight

Plan a dinner to prepare as a group. If certain gals in your group are great cooks, they can offer a lesson letting friends in on their secret recipes and tips. Be sure to let the chef have the night off from the dishes!

Whatever you choose, enjoy the time with your friends! Life is busy and full of obligations, but be sure to take some time for you! Plan a great party with your friends with these girls night in ideas!


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