Free Printable Birthday Game – Adult Birthday Word Scramble

Top Secret Surprise Birthday Invitations Printable Birthday Game

It’s that time of year again! Whether you’re planning a party for a friend or hosting your own birthday bash, you’ll love playing this Adult Birthday Word Scramble with your friends. It’s easy, fun and sure to inspire a little laughter. All you need to do is copy and paste the game sheet into a Word document and also create one for the answer sheet. Add in some free clip art and print as many copies as you need! There are two exciting ways to turn this little activity into a competition: award a prize to the first guest to unscramble all the words, or set a time limit and declare the winner the guest who unscrambles the most words when the timer goes off! For more fun, scramble a few extra birthday words specific to the birthday honoree – like their month of birth, parents’ or spouse’s names, their occupation or the party theme.

Top Secret Surprise Birthday Invitations Printable Birthday Game

Printable Birthday Game: Adult Birthday Word Scramble

Game Sheet:

1. rove het ilhl, _____________________
2. tiequan, ______________________
3. issuprer yaptr ______________________
4. tentwy inen ginaa ______________________
5. gagsy ______________________
6. redad ______________________
7. elebrctae ______________________
8. iefr radhaz ______________________
9. reyg riha ______________________
10. solabluety bulabsfou ______________________
11. tockcail ______________________
12. prestnse ______________________
13. ifrdnes nad myifal ______________________
14. dbyiraht keca ______________________
15. dncalse ______________________


1. over the hill
2. antique
3. surprise party
4. twenty nine again
5. saggy
6. dread
7. celebrate
8. fire hazard
9. grey hair
10. absolutely fabulous
11. cocktail
12. presents
13. friends and family
14. birthday cake
15. candles

We hope this printable birthday game makes your party rock!

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