Fun Ideas For A Graduation Party

Need some creative ideas for your graduation party? Try these fun things to do at your graduation party to make it an event full of creative and memorable ideas. Make your graduation invitations extra special with our graduation tri-fold announcements and accordion graduation announcements

  • Make The Graduate Feel Special: Blow up pictures of the Guest of Honor/Graduate from birth to now and display around the party area. You could have a star theme and the pictures could be pasted on a star shaped colored thermocol. For added effect you could have pictures of other past graduates in the family like parents, grandparents etc.
  • Make A Family Graduation Collage: You could have pictures of the all the graduates in the family in a collage and display at a prominent place at the party.
  • Make A Time Capsule: Ask your guests to bring something that represents their years in high school, or the year of the graduation. Add everything to a box and either bury it or put it away for safe keeping. Instruct the graduate to open the box after 10 years.

    Typographic chalkboard trifold graduation announcement by PurpleTrail.
  • Graduates Growing Up Story: Fill a table with memorabilia, diploma, awards, prom photos, honors, school pictures, mortarboard, yearbooks, pom poms, textbooks, pennants, etc. Guests would love to see how the graduate has changed over the years.
  • Photos & Videos: Decorate an area with a backdrop or an arch. Shoot photos of the graduate with the guests. Also set up a video camera and ask guests to stop by during the party and record a message for the Graduate.
  • Graffiti For The Graduate: Cover a wall with seamless paper and ask guests to leave messages, clever doodles, or creative outlines of themselves for the guest of honor. These can then be clipped after the party and preserved in a scrapbook. You could also use a plain bed-sheet instead of the paper and leave glitter sticks and permanent markers for them to write their message. It would definitely remind the graduate of all their loved ones and the great party every time they use the sheet.
  • Graduate Cupcakes: No party is complete without cupcakes! These photo cupcakes embellished with stars would be perfect for your graduation party.

Have Fun! Its not how much you do , but how much love you put in the doing!

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