Free Valentine’s Printable – Love Song Match-Up

Ah Valentine’s Day, a day dedicated to love. If you are having a Valentine’s gathering, send out stunning Valentine’s Day invitations and play this free Valentine’s printable, Love Song Match-Up. Friends and family will soon fill the room with love songs and they try to match the song to the artist. Simply copy and paste the game into a Word document along with the answer selections, add in free clip art to make the game sheet oh so love-ly, create an answer sheet (provided below), and print out as many copies as you need! Good luck!

Love Song Match-Up

1. Straight From The Heart_______
2. Valentine: A Singing Card_______
3. I left my heart in San Francisco _______
4. The Power of Love_______
5. Be My Friend _______
6. Valentine, Valentine _______
7. Be My Valentine_______
8. Hungry Heart_______
9. A Big Hunk O’ Love _______
10. Heart of Gold _______
11. A Room in My Heart _______
12. Accidentally In Love_______
13. Just for You_______
14. Where Is Your Heart_______
15. Every Beat Of My Heart_______
16. Love is In My Heart_______
17. Achy Breaky Heart_______
18. V-a-l-e-n-t-i-n-e_______
19. Un-Break My Heart_______
20. Always On My Mind _______

Answer Selections:
A. Marla Lewis
B. Andrea Moon
C. Ron Brown
D. Denise Gagne
E. Faith Hill
F. Celine Dion
G. Billy Ray Cyrus
H. Jack Hartmann
I. Willie Nelson
J. Tony Bennett
K. Brian McKnight
L. Mary Flynn
M. Elvis Presley
N. Bryan Adams
O. Kelly Clarkson
P. Counting Crows
Q. Neil Young
R. Toni Braxton
S. Bruce Springsteen
T. Hap Palmer

Answer Key

1. N – Bryan Adams
2. A – Marla Lewis
3. J – Tony Bennett
4. F – Celine Dion
5. T – Hap Palmer
6. D – Denise Gagne
7. H – Jack Hartmann
8. S – Bruce Springsteen
9. M – Elvis Presley
10. Q – Neil Young
11. E – Faith Hill
12. P – Counting Crows
13. B – Andrea Moon
14. O – Kelly Clarkson
15. K – Brian McKnight
16. L – Mary Flynn
17. G – Billy Ray Cyrus
18. C – Ron Brown
19. R – Toni Braxton
20. I – Willie Nelson

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