Free Printable Baby Shower Game – What Was Mommy Wearing?

Bear on Moon Baby Blue Printable Baby Shower Game Ideas Invite

Hosting a baby shower is a fun opportunity to gather a group of ladies together to shower the mommy-to-be with gifts and well wishes. We know entertaining your shower guests can be tough, so we’ve provided this free printable baby shower game to help. Find out who has a keen eye for detail with this free printable baby shower game, What Was Mommy Wearing? Simply copy and paste the game into a Word document, add in some great baby shower themed clip art, and print copies for all the guests. As the game host, be sure to also create an answer key by printing yourself a copy and stealing the guest of honor away to answer the questions correctly. To start the game, casually get the mommy-to-be out of the room, without drawing attention to yourself or her. Then announce the game and set a time limit for the players. Make sure Mom stays out of the room until time is up! The person with the most correct answers wins.

Bear on Moon Baby Blue Printable Baby Shower Game Ideas Invite

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Printable Baby Shower Game – What Was Mommy Wearing?

What was the color of Mommys shoes? _________________________

Was she wearing earrings? YES. . NO
If so, what did they look like? ____________________________________

What color shirt is Mommy wearing? ____________________________

Did her shirt have buttons? YES. . NO

Did her shirt have long sleeves, short sleeves or no sleeves? _______________

Was Mommy wearing a watch? YES. . NO

What color are her eyes?___________________________

How many rings was she wearing?_____________________

Was Mommy wearing perfume? YES. . NO

What color is her purse?______________________________________

Was mommy wearing a necklace? . YES. NO

If so, what did it look like? ____________________________________

How was her hair styled? Tied Back. Braided. Left Down. Other

Is she wearing makeup? YES. . NO

Were her fingernails painted? . YES. . NO

If so, what color?____________________

Does she have any tattoos you can see? YES. . NO

If so, what do they look like? _________________________________

Are mommy’s toes painted? . YES. . NO
If yes, what color? __________________________


We hope you enjoy this fun printable baby shower game at your baby shower celebration!


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