Free Printable Thanksgiving Game – Word Scramble and Trivia

Pile Of Fall Leaves Thanksgiving Invitation

While you and your guests wait patiently for the delicious turkey to finish roasting, pass the time with this fun, free printable Thanksgiving game from PurpleTrail – word scramble! Make a competition of it – offer the guest who unscrambles the most words within a set time limit, or who unscrambles all the words fastest, to be served turkey first. For more Thanksgiving entertainment, take a look at our fun Thanksgiving facts and trivia section as well!

Thanksgiving Party Invitations

If you are hosting a fabulous Thanksgiving feast this year, don’t forget to prepare your guests for turkey and games with a thoughtful and enticing, thanksgiving party invitation. Let your friends and family know how grateful you are to be blessed with their company this Thanksgiving.

Pile Of Fall Leaves Thanksgiving Invitation Printable Thanksgiving Game

Printable Thanksgiving Game – Word Scramble

Test your guests with this fun activity. Simply copy and paste the printable Thanksgiving game word scramble into a Word document. Add in some Thanksgiving clip art and print a copy for each player. Be sure to create a copy of the answer key too!

1. ytuerk _______________________________________
2. rcpniaocou _______________________________________
3. ehsamd stopoate _______________________________________
4. ktshan _______________________________________
5. gmrispli _______________________________________
6. yrwafoerlm _______________________________________
7. tnviae nrsmeaicn _______________________________________
8. ythomupl, kcro _______________________________________
9. yiflam _______________________________________
10. sftea _______________________________________
11. stidtnaori _______________________________________
12. brnacyrer uesac _______________________________________
13. klbac dyrifa , _______________________________________
14. solfretev _______________________________________
15. kpunmip epi _______________________________________

**Bonus ytopparnht _______________________________________


1. Turkey
2. Cornucopia
3. Mashed potatoes
4. Thanks
5. Pilgrims
6. Mayflower
7. Native Americans
8. Plymouth rock
9. Family
10. Feast
11. Traditions
12. Cranberry Sauce
13. Black Friday
14. Leftovers
15. Pumpkin Pie

**Bonus, tryptophan

Plymouth Rock – Fun Fact

As the legend goes, the pilgrims landed on this rock which is famously known as Plymouth Rock. In the year 1620 they came to the place and settled permanently in the Plymouth region, Massachusetts. This famous rock resides in Pilgrim Memorial state park and receives visits from more than a millions people each year.

Printable Thanksgiving Game
Plymouth Rock. Photo courtesy of

Thanksgiving Fun Facts and Trivia

These fun facts and trivia will really get your guests in the Thanksgiving spirit! They will also teach you a few new things about this very special holiday. To play, simply split your guests up into teams. Whichever teams answers the most questions correct wins. Throw in a few prizes and a time limit to make things more interesting. Have fun!


  1. Which president proclaimed Thanksgiving a national holiday and that it be held every November?
  2. True or False. The first Thanksgiving was held in 1621.
  3. What was the name of the ship the pilgrims used to sail to America?
  4. Who was William Bradford and what role did he play in the Plymouth Colony?
  5. What is the Mayflower Compact?
  6. Which city’s Thanksgiving Day parade is the largest and most famous?
  7. Two groups settled America around the same time. The Separatists and the Puritans. What were the major differences between the two?


  1. Aberham Lincoln
  2. True
  3. The Mayflower
  4. He served as the governor of Plymouth for more than 30 years
  5. The Mayflower Compact is the first written framework of government established in what is now the United Sates. It was signed by 41 English colonists on the ship the Mayflower on November 11, 1620.
  6. New York City
  7. Pilgrims were separatists who first settled in Plymouth, Mass., in 1620. Separatists sailed to America because they no longer wanted to be part of the English Church. Puritans were non-separatists who, in 1630, joined the migration to establish the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Puritans wanted to remain as part of the English establishment, working for biblical reform from within.

More Fun and Games

Hope these games will give you and your family lots of laughs and entertainment throughout your holiday celebration. PurpleTrail has tons of other Thanksgiving feast inspiration and ideas. Make sure to check out these other articles for more great entertainment ideas!

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