Printable Baby Shower Game – Guess Baby’s Stats

Baby Blue Snow Shower Invitation Printable Baby Shower Games

When it comes to baby shower games, it can be fun to break free of the traditional activities and try something unique. If you’re hosting a baby shower soon, why not allow your guests to wager a little bet? It’s always fun to speculate about what the new baby will look like, when their birth date with be, how much will they weigh, etc. See what everyone is thinking about the expected arrival with this free printable baby shower game, Guess Baby’s Stats. Simply copy and paste into a Word document, add in baby themed free clip art, and print enough copies for each guest. Ask the baby shower guests to fill out their best guesses for the new baby’s stats.

Give all the cards to the parents-to-be. Then once the baby is born, find out who was the closest and let them know they won. A variation of this is also played by collecting a pool ($1 each) as the prize for the winner. This is a great game for both traditional baby showers and couples showers.

Baby Shower Invitations

Baby Blue Snow Shower Invitation Printable Baby Shower Games

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Printable Baby Shower Games

Guess Baby’s Birth Stats

Date of Birth: ____________________

Time of Birth: ____________________

Weight: ________________________

Length: ________________________

Hair Color: ______________________

Eye Color: _______________________ (This is a trick question; babies are always born with blue eyes, but test your guests to see how many know this fact!)

Gender: _________________________

Name: (If the parents have already chosen a name for a boy and a girl, list 6-10 names including the real ones and have guests circle their prediction)

Another variation on this game would be to guess stats for the expecting mother once the time comes.

Final circumference of mom’s stomach: _______________________

Hours in labor: ____________________

# of Days Before/After Due Date: _______________________


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We hope you’ll enjoy this printable baby shower game from PurpleTrail. For two other printable baby shower game ideas, check out this post.

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