Free Printable Birthday Game – Word Scramble for Kids

Pink and Green Wish Birthday Invitation Printable Birthday Game

If you are getting ready to send out kids birthday invitations, don’t forget every kids birthday party needs a few games. We put together this free printable birthday game – Word Scramble for Kids. It’s and easy and fun game for party guests to play. All you need to do is copy and paste the game sheet into a word document and also copy and paste the answer sheet into a separate document. Play for fun or enjoy two competitive ways to play – race the clock to see who can unscramble the most words before time runs out OR turn off the timer and let guests race to finish them all. Make sure you have a prize for the winner!. Add in some free clip art and print enough copies for each guest. Enjoy!

Kids Birthday Party Invitations

Pink and Green Wish Birthday Invitation Printable Birthday Game
Pink And Green Wish Birthday Invitation Magnet by

Printable Birthday Game – Word Scramble for Kids

Game Sheet:

1. dbyiraht keca _____________________
2. dncalse _____________________
3. tpray _____________________
4. iseprsur _____________________
5. elebrctae _____________________
6. prestnses _____________________
7. cie mcear _____________________
8. ifrdnes _____________________
9. myifal _____________________
10. dolre _____________________
11. tearghul _____________________
12. ticrespu _____________________
13. yrapt mesag _____________________
14. rapty orvafs _____________________
15. soonlabl _____________________



1. birthday cake
2. candles
3. party
4. surprise
5. celebrate
6. presents
7. ice cream
8. friends
9. family
10. older
11. laughter
12. pictures
13. party games
14. party favors
15. balloons

You can also add in your own scrambled words that reflect the individuality of the birthday honoree, like his or her birth month, the theme of the party, sports or hobbies he/she participates in, his or her favorite musical artist or TV show.

We hope this printable birthday game is a hit at your party! Shop our amazing collection of kids birthday invitations. Wishing you a very happy birthday party! Find more like kids science birthday party, for inspiration.

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