Free Printable Game – Birthday Pictionary and Charades

Dino Birthday Party Invite

Is your little tyke turning another year older? Keep all the kiddos entertained, smiling and laughing with a good game of pictionary or charades at the birthday party. This free printable game of Birthday Charades and Pictionary is perfect for your next birthday party. All you need to do is copy and paste the game clues into a word document then cut, the clues into individual strips. Place all the clue face down in a bowl or hat. Divide your guests into teams. Each player takes a turn drawing a clue and either must act or draw what is written. Their team gets 1 minute to guess. If they don’t answer correctly, the opposing team gets one unanimous guess for the steal. Award points for correct guesses and the team with the highest score wins! Don’t forget some small prizes to reward the winners.

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Dino Birthday Party Invite free printable game

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Free Printable Game – Birthday Pictionary and Charades

Game Clues

Draw: Party Favors

Act: Noise Maker

Draw: Singing

Act: Pinata

Draw: Presents

Draw: Frosting

Draw: Tiara

Draw: Kazoo

Act: Birthday Hat

Act: Ice Cream Cone

Draw: Snacks

Act: Steamers

Draw: Birthday Card

Act: Balloons

Draw: Soda

Act: Music

Draw: Making a wish

Act: Camera

Act: Giggle

Draw: Dance

Draw: Opening Presents

Act: Eating

Draw: Pin the tail on the donkey

Act: Musical Chairs

Draw: Simon Says

Act: Red Rover

Draw: Friends

Act: Family

You can even add more words to this list to match the theme of your party – drawing foods and acting out cartoon characters are always good, simple options. Consider putting the birthday boy or girls name on the list as well – let the partygoers pay tribute to the honoree with a picture or short skit.

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