Free Printable Bachelorette Party Game – Pictionary and Charades

Hosting a bachelorette party? After you’ve sent out your personalized bachelorette party invitations, start the night out right with this free printable bachelorette party game of Pictionary and Charades clues. The bride-to-be and her friends will be laughing out loud while watching each other act or draw these game clues. All you need to do is copy and paste the game clues into a word document and print. Cut the clues into strips and place them face down in a bowl or hat. Divide the guests into teams. Each player takes turn drawing a clue and must either act or draw as designated. Their team has one minute to guess the phrase or action. If they do not guess correctly, the opposing team has 10 seconds to come up with one guess for the steal. Award points for correct answers.

Cream & Brown bachelorette party invitation by PurpleTrail.

The team with the most correct answers wins!.  Be sure to also check out these bachelorette party invitations for some great invitation ideas. Enjoy!

Printable Bachelorette Party Game – Pictionary


Act: Groom
Draw: Wedding Dress
Act: Bride
Draw: Bachelor
Act: Fiance
Draw: Lingere
Act: Honeymoon
Draw: Cutting the Cake
Act: Wedding vows
Draw: Bridesmaid dress
Act: Wedding night
Draw: First Dance
Act: First Kiss as husband and wife
Draw: Champagne
Act: Bride drinking too much
Draw: Throwing Rice
Act: Bridesmaids
Draw: Taking off the garter
Act: Mother of the Bride
Act: Mother of the Groom
Draw: Tequila Shots
Act: Ball and Chain
Draw: First Date
Act: Proposal
Draw: Bachelorette
Act: The Groomsmen
Draw: Lace
Act: Best Man Toast
Draw: Officiant
Act: Father of the Bride
Act: Father of the Groom
Draw: Getting into the wedding dress

We hope these printable bachelorette party game clues helped set you up for a night of pre-wedding fun!
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