Printable Free Wedding Game – Advice for the BRIDE and GROOM

We’ve got the perfect game for the occasion. This printable free wedding game is great for both a traditional and a couples shower. This game doubles as a nice keepsake for the couple too. Create custom cards for each guest, (4—6 pieces of card stock work well). Copy and paste the sample below add in the clip art, and print out cards. Ask guests is asked to fill out one of the advice cards for the couple. The advice must start with each of the letters in the words BRIDE and GROOM. The couple will love, the heartfelt advice from their family and friends.

B. ____________________________________________

R. ____________________________________________

I. ____________________________________________

D. ____________________________________________

E. ____________________________________________


G. ____________________________________________

R. ____________________________________________

O. ____________________________________________

O. ____________________________________________

M. ____________________________________________



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