Free Printable Game – A Thanksgiving Tale

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year, you’ll surely be busy baking pies and making stuffing. But once your guests have eaten, you may want to consider some party games to keep them entertained. This free printable game, A Thanksgiving Tale, can be played with individual players filling out stories or as group. All you need to do is copy and paste the story into a Word document, add in free clip art, and print the story for the players. If you elect to let each player write their own story, print enough game sheets for everyone and instruct them to fill in the blanks to create their story. If you prefer to play as a group, print one game sheet and select one person to be the writer. Let each player take turns giving a word (as dictated by the story: noun, adjective, etc.) to fill in the blanks and create the story. Read the story out loud once it’s completed and be prepared for some belly laughs!


A Thanksgiving Tale

This year for Thanksgiving we were going to our friend ____________________s (relatives name) house.
So we all piled into the ____________________ (mode of transportation)
to go to ____________________ (same relatives name) house.
The ride was ____________________ (adjective).
After a ____________________ (adjective) and ____________________ (adjective) ____________________ (noun)
we finally arrived. But ____________________ (same relative) wasnt home.
We decided to wait in the car only to get caught in a ____________________ (type of weather) storm.
Finally, after, ____________________ (number) hours ____________________ (same relative name showed up).
We were all so ____________________ (adjective) because wed been waiting for ____________________ (number) hours to eat! ____________________ (adverb) ____________________ (same relatives name)
proclaimed, ____________________! (exclamation) Lets go to dinner!
At dinner, we had our choice of ____________________ (animal 1) ____________________ (insect) or ____________________ (animal 2).
We chose ____________________ (adjective) ____________________ (animal 1).
Everyone was beginning to eat and it was very ____________________ (adjective).
We then told ____________________(same relatives name) goodbye, piled back into the ____________________ (same mode of transportation) and went home.
Everyone said they had a ____________________ (adverb) time except for ____________________ (person in the room) who said that it would have been better if we ate ____________________ (insect) instead of ____________________ (animal 1).
We cant wait for ____________________ (Holiday) dinner next year at ___________________s. (same relative name).

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Consider this free printable game our Thanksgiving gift to you. Hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving Tale story! Happy Turkey Day!

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