Free Printable Game – A Spooky Tale

Send out your, Halloween Party Invitations and play this free printable Halloween game. It, is perfect for all the boys and ghouls to complete. A Spooky Tale can be played with individual players or you can, complete the story as group.

Start by copying and pasting the story into a Word document. Then add in the free Halloween clip art and print off the story. If you want each player write their own story, print enough game sheets for everyone and instruct them to fill in the blanks. If you prefer to play as a group, print one game sheet and select one person to be the writer. Let each player take turns giving a word (as dictated by the story: noun, adjective, etc.) to fill in the blanks and create the story. Read the story out loud once completed and be prepared for lots of cackles and gasps!

A Spooky Tale


One ____________ (type of weather) and ____________ (adjective) Halloween in ____________ (city),
I was going to go trick or treating. I decided to dress up as a ____________ (Halloween costume 1)
but ____________ (person in the room) thought that would be too ____________ (adjective),
so I decided to dress up as a/an ____________ (Halloween costume 2) instead.
My ____________ (Halloween costume 2) costume was perfect and I looked ____________ (adjective).
The first door I knocked on turned out to be the home of ____________ (Fictional Character). ____________ (same fictional character) opened the door and said, “____________” (a greeting).
I tried to ____________ (verb) the words, “trick or treat” but I was very ____________ (adjective) ____________ (same fictional character) said, “come in”.
I said, no way and ran as fast as I could for the ____________ (place).
I didn’t get any ____________ (type of candy) or ____________ (animal) for Halloween that year.

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