Four Simple Homemade Gifts for Fathers Day

homemade fathers day gifts

As you prepare to honor your dad this Father’s Day, start by creating thoughtful Father’s Day cards, then find inspiration in one of these four simple homemade Fathers day gifts. Creating homemade fathers day gifts is fun and easy. Investing extra time into a handcrafted gift will also make your gift more meaningful. Have fun crafting!

For Dads desk – A Nautical Pencil Holder

Here’s one of the more simple, yet elegant homemade fathers gifts. This project is for children 4 years and up. A perfect gift for a dad who enjoys fishing!

homemade fathers day gifts
Nautical pencil holder. Photo courtesy of

Materials Needed:

  • Small cylindrical plastic or metal container. The example used crystal light plastic containers. You could also use a frosting container or a soup can (but be sure there is no sharp edge remaining if you use a metal container).
  • Heavy washer that will fit inside the container.
  • 4-ply rope or any rope that gives you the look you desire.
  • Hot or low melt glue gun.

For detailed instructions click here. Have fun creating your homemade Fathers Day gifts!

Special Notes: You could make add the following items to the pencil holder, with a paper tag around each item explaining its meaning. Dads wouldnt have words for the feelings the gift would invoke.

  • Mounds Candy Bar: For the mounds of help you are to me.
  • Tissues: To wipe the tears from joy and happiness.
  • Candle: For all the nights you stayed up when I was sick and for working so hard at your job.
  • Paper clip: For the way you have held the family together and close to your heart.
  • Jewel: Because you are as valuable as any precious stone!
  • Band-Aid: For every time u helped me get up after a fall.
  • Lollipop: For helping me to learn to lick my wounds and move on.
  • Pack of sunflower seeds For the way you have helped me grow.
  • Memory game To thank you for all the good memories.
  • Eraser To thank you for forgiving my mistakes and helping me learn from them.
  • Smiley face To wish you happy days always.
  • Hersheys hugs and kisses For all the unconditional love you gave me.

Mosaic Button Pots

Another adorably cute project that we found on storknet. These pots are a twist on your traditional broken tile mosaic design. Instead of using broken pottery that can be dangerous for little fingers buttons are used.

Button pots. Photo courtesy of Fkozicky via Flickr. 

Materials Needed:

  • Buttons in assorted shape, colors and sizes (bulk crafting buttons can be purchased for low prices at most fabric and craft stores).
  • White sand tile grout (available in premixed or powder form).
  • Low melt glue gun and glue.
  • Ceramic pots in sizes appropriate for your child’s attention span – 2″ pots are used in the examples.
  • Dry and damp paper towels.
  • Dry moss, silk flowers and potting clay if desired.

Special Touches: Older children could make “Best Dad In the World” flags and stick them into the potting clay.

Loose Change Tray

Have a dad who is forever forgetting where he put his keys and wallet down? Make him a loose change tray.

DIY loose change tray. Photo courtesy of

Materials Needed:

  • A polystyrene tray – the sort fruit or meat comes on. Make sure it has been well cleaned!
  • Acrylic paints.

Simply paint your tray however you like and leave to dry.

Fathers Day Pillows

Children can make pillows to gift Fathers to put their heads down on after a hard day at work or maybe to cushion the back on the office chair. Simply cut two squares of the size you want your pillow to be (keep a margin of 2inches on each side). Glue the wrong sides together, with fabric glue. Be sure and leave a small place at the bottom for turning the pillow. Turn the pillow right side out after glue has dried completely. Stuff the pillow, then stitch shut.

In case you have taken solid color material , you could embellish it further with buttons or write special messages on the pillow for Dad. Alternatively , you could simply buy a ready pillow case in a solid color and write your messages on it.

Older children and teenagers could also try their hand at a photo-pillow.

Dad and Me LOVE Wall Hangings

There are lots of options/modifications you can make to this craft to customize it.

Materials Needed:

  • Paper, Glue, Scissors.
  • 2 foot ribbon OR 2 foot strip of construction paper.
  • Thin ribbon OR raffia OR string OR wool — must be long enough to loop around the doorknob.
  • Colors and glitter glue or sparkles.
  • Photo of the child or a photo with dad.


  1. Cut out four hearts from construction paper. On each of the hearts stencil one of the letters from the word LOVE. Let the children outline it with glitter glue.
  2. Cut out four circles of craft foam or cardstock/poster board. You can trace circles using a cup or lid.
  3. Make sure the circles are a bit bigger than the L O V E hearts.
  4. Glue each of the L O V E hearts to one of the circles.
  5. Glue each of the L O V E hearts onto the ribbon, keeping them spaced evenly.
  6. Glue the photo of the child to a paper doily. Write the child’s name and the date underneath. Glue this at the top of the ribbon above the word LOVE.
  7. To finish the craft tie a bow of the string or raffia around the top of the ribbon (or glue/tape it on if you’re using construction paper). Make a loop big enough to fit over the doorknob and hang it up for dad to see!

More Homemade Fathers Day Gifts

Still not sure which gift is right for you and your dad? Try one of the following thoughts.

  • Homemade calendars with photos of the kids.
  • Make or buy a little blank book. Decorate it according to Dads interests or lifestyle. Take it around secretly to all his friends and family and ask them to write the answer to this question on a page: What do you like and respect most about (his name)?
  • Let him pick his perfect Father’s Day from a wish list.

Have the children draw up a survey for dad, asking such questions as what time he would like to get up, what foods he would like for breakfast and what activities he’d like scheduled for the day. Now dad can check off just how perfect he wants his day to be!

For some other cool homemade Fathers day gifts and ideas click here. You’ll find an assortment of Fish Tshirts, Hand-Print TShirts, and Decorated ties.

Have fun and floor your dad with your thoughtful gift. He will really appreciate all the effort and thought you put into his handmade Fathers Day gifts!

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