5 Fabulous First Birthday Photo Ideas

Your child’s first birthday celebration is a special milestone that you’ll want to remember for years to come. Capture this special occasion forever with outstanding first birthday photos. Here we present you with 5 fabulous first birthday photo ideas that will make your snapshots truly unforgettable.

1. Baby Versus Cake

Take a super sweet shot of your baby digging into his or her very first birthday cake. These “smash the cake” photos are super popular right now. There’s something about a baby’s first experience with birthday cake that’s irresistibly funny and adorable.  You wont want to miss this special moment, so have your camera ready as your baby reaches for that very first piece — and follow these simple tips for the perfect shot.

first birthday photo ideas

  • Make sure the birthday cake is healthy and not too sweet. Avoid sugary frosting and consider opting for a carrot cake instead of traditional white or chocolate. You don’t want to upset your baby’s tummy.
  • Don’t forget to take a before shot of your baby with their cake. It will be good to have a nice shot that showcases your baby next to their first birthday cake. It will also be fun to compare the before and after photos.
  • Dress your baby up! You’ll want them to look nice for the photographs, but keep in mind that things may get a bit messy. So, opt for an ensemble that washes easily.
  • Make sure your baby is at his or her best. You don’t want to host the party or photo shoot if they are over tired or not feeling well.
  • Take a lot of photos and have fun!

2. Photo Invitations & Cards

Share your baby’s first birthday photos with your friends or family by including them in your invites and cards. PurpleTrail offers a variety of beautiful photo invite and card templates — so you can find one that’s just right for you and your baby.

Blue and Black Moustache 1st Birthday Invitation by PurpleTrail.com
Blue and Black Moustache 1st Birthday Invitation by PurpleTrail.com


3. Signs & Banners

DIY signs and banners will not only make your baby’s first birthday photos look awesome, but they can also double as decorations for your baby’s celebration.

You can make banners out of almost anything! Learn how to make felt and paper banners online. After piecing your banner together, inscribe it with a special birthday message. Then, stretch it across the place you plan to photograph your baby.

Check out Brit.co for DIY sign inspiration. They have put together a list of the best DIY signs from around the web. The list includes DIY signs made out of nails and string, floral cardboard marquees, and so many more beautiful, bright, and easy to make signs that will add color, detail, and charm to your child’s first birthday photos! To order custom party banners check out PurpleTrail.com. Add your photos and change the design / text to match your party’s theme.

First Birthday Photo Ideas

  • If it’s fall, rake up a bunch of leaves. Then use the leaves to spell out, “Happy Birthday!” or “1.” Set your baby next to the message and snap a photo.
  • Write a birthday message on a chalkboard. If you don’t have one, pick up some chalkboard paint and apply a thin coat to a board.

4. Balloon Backdrop

Add a pop of color to your baby’s first birthday photos with a DIY balloon backdrop. There are many ways to include balloons in your backdrop.

You can tether a large bundle together, attach an anchor,  and let the bunch brighten up your shots. Or, you can fill up an entire room, or wall, with a colorful array of balloons or simply have your baby hold the balloons. Finally, consider tying a bunch of balloons to a basket (as shown in the photo below). Your choice — whichever you choose, the backdrop will be sure to add a sense of playfulness to you photo.

first birthday photo ideas

  • Before choosing this options, make sure to consider the your baby’s safety! Learn how to keep your child safe by taking precautions and reading the following article: The Dangers of Balloons.

5. Bubbles

Your baby will have a blast chasing, blowing, and watching bubbles drift through their celebration. Beyond fun, bubbles will also add an element of magic and charm to your baby’s first birthday snapshots. They are cheap, colorful, and will be sure to evoke a plethora of smiles from your baby — so why not include them in your child’s photos. Follow these simple tips to capture the perfect bubble shots.

first birthday photo ideas

  • Choose a location with a relatively dark background. If the background is too light, it may be hard to see the bubbles in your photos.
  • The more colors the better — bubbles will reflect the colors in their surroundings.
  • Do you want a lot of bubbles in your photos? Considering purchasing a bubble a machine. After you’re finished with the photo shoot, you can set up the bubble machine at your baby’s first birthday celebration.

First Birthday Photo Ideas

Hopefully these first birthday photo ideas give you the inspiration you need to create outstanding photos for your baby’s big day! Have fun and be creative. If you’re in need of first birthday party ideas, take a look at Ideasforfirstbirthdayparty.net. For more photo inspiration, check out our 5 Easy DIY Photo backdrops and Best Christmas Photo Ideas articles. Good luck!

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