Father’s Day Gifts – Simple and Thoughtful

father's day gifts

Father’s Day is a great time to tell your dad how much he means to you. Along with a thoughtful Father’s Day card, give dad a gift that he’ll really appreciate. We’ve put together some Father’s Day gifts that will put a smile on dad’s face and even melt his heart a little.

Father’s Day Gifts

father's day gifts
Photo courtesy of Fathersday.org.

Photo Books

Make dad a special photo book on PurpleTrail.com. Create a beautiful book filled with all the people he loves. The process is simple. All you have to do is upload several of your favorite photos. Then add custom wording, design the book to your liking, and choose a cover for your book. Your dad will love receiving a high quality photo book tailored just to his tastes. Some dad’s may not always be outwardly sentimental but a photo book collection of all the people he holds near and dear is something he will truly appreciate.

Give Dad The Day Off

Set up something that your dad really enjoys doing. Whether it’s a game of golf, a movie, a sports game, a car race, time to work on a project, or even just time to nap. Let dad have a day to do what he likes! End the day with a family dinner complete with his favorite dish! He will truly enjoy this relaxing and thoughtful gift!

Do Dad’s Chores

Organize the family to do all of dad’s chores. Mow the lawn, wash the car, insect removal, take the garbage out – whatever dad does, do it for him so he can relax! After all your hard work, take dad out for his favorite meal or plan a backyard BBQ.

Ode To Dad Video

Gather the family and have them deliver a special message to dad. Give him your gifts and Father’s Day cards. Prepare a photo album filled with photos of him throughout his life. From kid until now. Or play some of your family’s favorite home movies that feature your dad and the special memories you’ve shared. This simple gift will surely hit his soft spot!

father's day gifts
Father’s Day card by PurpleTrail.

Heartfelt Letter

It may seem sappy, but letting your dad know how important he is to you will mean a great deal to him. Share with him how much he’s influenced you and what you enjoy most about him. Add in some humor and share a funny story about why you love him. Also share your collection of favorite moments you’ve had together. Your dad will be touched knowing he’s had a meaningful influence in your life.

Weekend Getaway

Plan a trip! If your dad’s a camper, plan a fun camping trip to his favorite spot. How about a golf getaway? Or a weekend at the lake? If dad’s more a city guy, plan a stay at a downtown hotel and see a show or museum exhibit he’s been wanting to visit.

No matter the gift you give, make sure you take a minute to show your dad how much you love him. He’s sure to love anything you give if you take the time to make it personalized for his style and interests. Happy Father’s Day!

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