Fantastic Outdoor Family Activities

The days grow warmer and longer as we delve into the summer season so spending time outside will definitely be on on your family’s agenda. Whether you are sending summer invitations for your outdoor adventure or just hanging with the family, we’ve put together some fantastic outdoor family activity ideas to keep your summer days fun filled.

Trip To The Zoo

A trip to the zoo is always fun filled. Consider check out smaller city zoos. They are often less expensive and offer more hands on exhibits. Let each child pick one or two exhibits that they’d like to see so everyone gets to see the animals they love.

Trip To The Waterfront

Plan a trip to the waterfront in your town. Whether it’s the river or the lake, there’s always great food and shopping around the waterfront and plenty of parks and sidewalks for biking or window shopping! Street vendors and performers can also be found in abundance.

Make Your Own Ice Cream For An Ice Cream Social

This is so much fun to do on a hot summer day. It will take a few hours to freeze so make the ice cream early in the day. Check out these delicious homemade ice cream recipes. Then after you’ve made your delicious homemade ice cream, invite friends over to have an old fashioned ice cream social.

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Make Your Own Kite

This is a great way to spend an afternoon as a family. You’ll need some basic supplies to make your own kite. Then head off to your favorite park and test it out.

Day Hike

Hiking is not only fun to do as a family it’s great exercise too. Take some time to appreciate your local beauty and plan a day hike. If you prefer biking, plan a bike trip instead. Most hiking areas also have bike trails to enjoy.

Treasure Hunt Around Town

If your kids are older, plan a treasure hunt around town! Split up into teams and create a list of local treasures to find. Things like a menu from your favorite restaurant, a car wash token, a pine cone from the park, a library book, etc. The first team to make it home with all the things on the list, wins! Try to pick things that are accessible by walking.

Farmer’s Market

During spring, summer and early fall, there are tons of local farmers markets to enjoy. Make it an all day affair and hit up more than one. There’s always great food to sample, crafts to enjoy and interesting people to meet at the farmer’s market.

Enjoy the summer! Check out more of our outdoor game ideas. If you have a, fantastic outdoor family activity idea, email us at

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