Family Reunions – Picking the Perfect Location

When planning your family reunion, the place you choose to host it and the family reunion invitations you send really sets the tone of the event. Therefore, when selecting a location, it’s important to think about who’s coming, where are they coming from and how long will the event be? (i.e. 1 day or 4 days).  You also should consider the average budget people will be working under. Just because Aunt Suzy and Uncle Don are family millionaires doesn’t mean the Julie and Pete, hard working teachers, can afford a Caribbean cruise. You want the place to be fun and manageable for all invited. Here’s a range of location ideas we found to be good for family reunions:

A Hotel Weekend Getaway

A hotel is a great spot for a family reunion because provides, food, lodging, spa treatments, a gym, pools and hot tubs! If you select a hotel in the downtown area of your city, you’ll be close to tourist attractions, great food and mass transportation. Things to think about when selecting a hotel:

  • How far from the airport is the hotel? Choose once close enough to the airport so people on a tight schedule don’t have too far to travel.
  • Choose a hotel that gives you the most bang for your buck. It doesn’t have to be a five star palace but it should be on the upper end of the star spectrum.
  • What amenities does it come with? Is there a ballroom with enough space for your expected turnout?
  • Will they give a discounted rate for multiple room bookings?
  • Is the hotel hosting any other events that same date? You want to make sure there are enough rooms for out-of-towners to stay in.
  • Food. Nothing ruins a gathering faster than bad food. Make sure you can select a decent menu within your budget to serve the reunion go-ers!

A Neighborhood Park

Fresh air, flowers, and trees! Parks are great because they typically can accommodate a large, group, of people. This is a great location if your family reunion is just one day and most, people are local. The downfall is that type of venue may require more rented supplies than others. But, it’s a great way to incorporate the whole family. Things to think about when planning a reunion in the park:

  • If the park does not have large covered picnic areas, rent large tents to set up over food and for a safe haven from the hot sun (or bouts of rain!).
  • If the park isn’t supplied with ample seating and tables, be sure to rent more tables and chairs.
  • Keep the food simple. Think picnic fare. Look into a local BBQ restaurant to cater the event.
  • Plan a few kid friendly games to keep everyone involved.
  • If the park is on the water, make sure to have plenty of life jackets and water toys available for the kids!
  • Bring your sunscreen!

Camping Out
One of the easiest and most enjoyable locations for a family reunion is at a campground, or somewhere near a national park. Families can bring their own RV, trailer, or tent. Camping can also ease the stress of planning a menu. You can explain that individual families are, responsible for their own cooking. Its a subtle way to keep from supplying everything for them while teaching your brood to become independent. You can sing around a campfire (much to your teenager’s dismay), roast marshmallows, or tell scary stories around the fire. Many campgrounds also offer activities like swimming and miniature golf. National parks typically offer hiking, visitors centers, and other activities. Things to think about when selecting a campsite:

  • Travel time. If you have people flying in who then have to drive to the campsite, you may want to choose a site not too far away from the city.
  • Amenities. Bathrooms, running water, electricity. Think about the things that your family just cna’t live without! Some campsites are more rustic than others!
  • Bodies of water. Is the site going to be near water? If so make sure people plan for water sports and water safety, especially for the little ones!
  • Wildlife. Be sure everyone is familiar with what to do if they encounter some of the local bears, snakes, cougars, etc.

Theme Parks
Most everyone loves theme parks. It’s particularly a good location If you have a lot of kids and teenagers in your entire family. You may want to incorporate this idea with the hotel idea. Many theme parks offer great vacation packages with food, hotel and park passes all included. Things to ponder when choosing a theme park:

  • Pick a theme park in a central location for everyone if your family spread out.
  • Choose one that offers something for “kids” of all ages to enjoy. Older folks may not be the thrill seekers they once were and little ones may not be tall enough to ride all the rides!
  • Look for deals. Search the web for bargain packages. See if they park offers a discount for group bookings.

Specialty Reunions

If the budget allows for it, why not hold your family reunion at a dude ranch, take a cruise, or spend a week golfing or fishing at a resort? No need to be restricted by any sort of “reunion guidelines.”, There really arent any of those just the idea of having fun. The possibilities for a special kind of original family reunion are limited only by your imagination. Things to consider:l

  • Be realistic. Make sure to get an idea of what everyone’s, budget is before setting the plans in stone.
  • Consider the age range. If the family reunion will be comprised of babies and toddlers, choose a very family friend destination.
  • Give plenty of notice. If you are planning a week long cruise, people need ample time to arrange for time off.

Home Sweet Home
Last but not least, what about hosting it in our very own backyard? Of course depending, on, your acreage, this may be best for a, small reunion. It makes for a comfortable, relaxed environment for a great family reunion. Things to think about:

  • Food. Who’s cooking? Will you have it catered?
  • Lodging. If you have multiple family members traveling to the reunion, think about reserving rooms at a nearby hotel, motel, or bed and breakfast.
  • Travel. If your have family staying at a hotel, how will they get to your house?
  • Games for the kids. Renting a bounce house is a sure fire crowd please for young and old alike!
  • Delegate, delegate, delegate. Just because you are hosting it, doesn’t mean you do all the work! Put others in charge of decorations, clean up and games!

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