Family Reunion Party Ideas For Getting Together

Family reunions are a great time for family members to come together and reconnect. It’s very important to plan some fun activities and games for all generations and make this event special and enjoyable for all. Any activity that can engross the whole bunch, and put them in high spirits, will be a sure hit. Check out some family reunion party tips to make this an occasion to remember for years to come. For more family reunion planning advice, take a look at our Family Reunion Planning Time Table article.

Family Reunion Party
Family reunion invitation by PurpleTaril.

Family Reunion Party Invitations

Every family member looks forward to a family reunion party, because this is the time which is meant to spice up the life and being thankful for having a lovely family. The first thing that comes to our mind when planning a party is invitation. A good attractive invitation can make the event mean more then just an ordinary get together. You can either post them or send them online, check out the fabulous templates on our site. We also have an amazing consensus building feature to our party invites which helps you find a date that works for all and an activity that has everyone excited. This way your reunion party is not ruined because cousin Joe who livens up every event could not make it or you choose an activity which did not suit aunt Sally.

Family Reunion Party Themes

  • The Circus Ride: Everyone loves the circus, right? Mister Spiffy sure does. While you wont have trained lions at your circus (at least, I doubt it), your family is sure to be able to provide an interesting sideshow/freak show for you to laugh at and enjoy. (Read More… )
  • Hawaiian Luau: Cant afford to go to Hawaii? Well, Mister Spiffy cant either, so dont feel bad. The Hawaiian Luau family reunion is the next best thing. This reunion works best if you have access to a swimming pool, or some other place you can get yourself moist. (Read More…)
  • Safari Reunion: Family reunion safari themes: Taking the adventure theme further, if you are interested in wild life themes, then safari reunion would be ideal. Hawaiian shirts, Bermuda shorts, black socks and binoculars complete the picture. Instead of shot guns and rifles use digital cameras or Polaroids to shoot the fun!(Read More…)

Family Reunion party Games

  • Vintage party games: This is a fantastic game to introduce your kids to the world of old fashioned games the rest of us grew up with. Let Grandma or old aunt organize a game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, freeze tag with some of the classics such as Trouble, Scrabble, Chinese Checkers, etc.
  • Family Reunion Trivia Game: This game is really simple and can even serve as a learning experience for younger family members. The Game Master has to prepare before hand by coming up with several little know facts about ancestors, living family members, etc. Come up with about fifteen facts. (Read More…)
  • The Red Rover Game: Red Rover is another game you might consider playing, though it could end up with bumps and bruises. With this family reunion game, you set up two opposing teams. Each team forms a straight line by holding hands side-by-side. Someone from one team shouts “Red Rover, Red Rover, send (fill in a name) right over.” The person whose name was called then runs and attempts to break through the opposing teams wall by breaking the chain where to people are holding hands. If the person is unsuccessful, he or she joins that team. If he or she is successful, he or she returns to the original team and takes someone from the opposing team as well. One team wins after all of the players are collected from the opposing team.
Family Reunion Party
Family reunion invite by PurpleTrail.

Family Reunion Party Food Menu

A, Family reunion, party is about enjoying every moment of being together. It should be an event which is do-able for all family member’s no matter what their financial status is. Keep the menu simple and affordable. Pot luck dinners, baked potato and soup buffets are frugal and should be perfect. However, Traditional grilled fare! Hot dogs, hamburgers, steaks, chicken and corn on the cob are all good choices.

For dessert you can serve something light like a red white and blue gelatin or a fluffy cheesecake garnished with blueberries and strawberries. Check out here some more creative and special family reunion party food and theme ideas. (Read More on Family reunion decorations Ideas)

To conclude the reunion party, all the family members can plant a tree as a mark of togetherness and love. A fun-filled day with lots of activities and games that bring all the members close together is the best way to celebrate a family reunion. Proper planning and organizing the special day with love and creativity can surely make your reunion a memorable event for the whole family.

We hope these family reunion party ideas were super helpful!

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