Family Reunion Games & Activities For a Spectacular Celebration

Retro Blue Family Reunion Invitation

OK, you’ve set a date, you’ve set a location, you’ve sent your family reunion invitations and you are counting down to the big event! Family reunions are a time for fun, food, catching up and of course exciting perhaps embarrassing, games and activities. We’ve put together some great family reunion games and activities for a spectacular celebration. Tailor any of these family reunion game ideas to fit your family’s personality.

Family Reunion Game & Activity Ideas

Retro Blue Family Reunion Invitation

Community Events:

Contact the local Convention and Visitors Bureau, as well as the local Chambers of Commerce for information regarding sightseeing tours and other activities.

Family Trivia:

Find out odd facts about Grandpa Pete and Aunt Kathy, then tell everyone and have them guess who it is. The weirder the facts, the more far-out the trivia, the better the game! “Did you know Grandma Gertrude can put her ankles behind her head? Yeah, she’s a contortionist!”

Family Reunion Game Ideas


Family Member Scavenger Hunt :

Give everyone a list of personal characteristics and have them find family members who match (for example, green eyes, no hair, same color eyes, born the same year). Be sure to toss in a few easy ones like same number of arms, born after 1850, etc.

Family Reunion Photo Swap:

Members bring new and old photos including pictures with historic value and the great-greats at the old homestead and even previous reunions. Photos should be labeled with name of owner.

Certificates and Awards:

Let your family know how special they by creating certificates and awards for them. Use your imagination and try to think up as many categories as possible in order to recognize the largest amount of family members that you can. Be sure to also include categories unique to your family (i.e. if you have lots of musicians have a ‘best tuba player’ category.) Basic categories suggestions :

  • The oldest and youngest family members
  • Who traveled the least and greatest distances to attend
  • Who has attended the most consecutive reunions
  • Youngest grandparents
  • Oldest cousins
  • Couple with the most children or grandchildren
  • Tallest/shortest family member
  • Most enthusiastic family member (we all have one)

Family Olympics :

The family reunion Olympic games is a great opportunity to hold special events allowing teams members from each family to participate while drawing close to one another. Make sure your events allow for different age groups and varying physical abilities to participate. Each team selects its name state/county and design their own banner. If you really want to get serious, plan teams ahead of time and order team jerseys. Family Reunion Games ideas:

  • water balloon toss
  • relay race (on land or water)
  • potato sack race
  • broom stick jump
  • basketball toss
  • wheelbarrow races
  • limbo
  • homerun contest

Jigsaw Puzzle Race:

Other young adult activities that challenge the intellect and reflex are the family portrait jig-saw puzzle challenge. Using previous years family reunion photos create two card table sized jigsaw puzzles from the photos. Select several family members for each team to assemble the puzzles on their table. The puzzle could have a well known fact, slogan or metaphor unique to the family printed on it before cutting. The first team to assemble the puzzle enough to guess the phrase wins.

Pitch Burst:

Have a relative that drives you nuts? Sign them up for the Pitch Burst and see them get soaked! It’s like a combination of a water balloon war and a dunk tank. You can rent them for your event. The lucky relative sits under a caged water balloon while the other person pitches balls at the target. Once the ball hits the target, the balloon is pierced and bursts. The pitcher gets the satisfaction of seeing their ‘favorite’ relative all wet and the target person gets a cool, refreshing soak.

Reunion “Survivor” Game:

This game draws from the Survivor TV show. It will capture the attention of everyone. The key is to survive (complete) a series of daring feats including a jump rope line, keeping up the hoola hoop for 2 minutes and Dodge ball with velcro vest and velcro ball (20 hits). Remember to keep it simple so family of all ages and abilities can participate.

The Amazing Race:

The activity borrows from the popular television show and is sure to be a big hit. Select several families to complete a 3 mile race with several stops along the way providing destination clues. Make the race a one hour event. The family that wins gets a prize.

My Family’s Got Talent:

Put on a talent show featuring three categories of song, dance, and stand up comedy (or whatever 3 things you want). Have a panel of three judges whose aim is to shower each contestant with praise and exaggerated compliments but votes on cards. Each card is placed in a box. The host adds up the vote tally to reveal the winner in each talent category.

Sports Family Reunion Games:

Playing baseball or volleyball is always a great way to spend the afternoon. Try playing H-O-R-S-E to see who’s got the most creative shot! Set up a croquet course or play a game of horseshoes. Bocce ball, putt-putt golf, the list is endless. Pick one that fits your family’s idea of fun!

We hope these family reunion game ideas are a hit at your reunion!


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