Family New Year’s Eve Party

Are you ringing in the New Year with a family party at your home this year? Send the New Year’s invitations and start planning! It will be fun for the adults to have time to gather, socialize, and toast the New Year together. Yet, how can you keep the kids, most likely of different ages, entertained during the long evening to midnight? Here are some kid-friendly suggestions for a great celebration this year:

Gold Glitter Champagne Bubbly New Years Invitation by
Gold Glitter Champagne Bubbly New Years Invitation by
  • Send a blow horn as the invitation. When your guests blow the horn, attach a piece of paper to the “roll” part of the horn with the party details. Clever and easy to do! Make sure to ask everyone to dress up in party gear.
  • Instead of decorating the house or the kids party room beforehand, have all of the decorations on hand for the kids to decorate the party home. Have balloons, streamers, confetti, party hats, and noisemakers make ideal decorations,
  • Make party hats, as a craft using heavy cardboard paper for the hat, glitter glue, and long pieces of colorful crepe paper
Festive Gold Lights New Years Invitation by
Festive Gold Lights New Years Invitation by
  • Make noisemakers using beans, rice, and beads in plastic drink bottles.
  • For older children, have T-shirts on hand for the kids to iron-on the New Year (iron numbers that display the new year.)
  • Kids can put together a collage using magazines and newspaper to remember the outgoing year.
  • Bake a cake or a batch of cupcakes and have the kids frost and decorate. Stick a candle in and sing “Happy Birthday” to the previous year.
  • Teach them to sing “Auld Lang Syne.”
  • If older kids will be there, explain what New Year Resolutions are all about, and have them write their own resolutions that they can take home with them.
  • Rent some age-appropriate movies for the kids to watch. Make flavored popcorn balls as a festive treat.
  • Easy meal for the kids is pizza or pasta with sauce, salad and bread sticks.
  • Toast the New Year at midnight if the kids are still awake with sparkling apple cider.
  • Keep in mind if little ones are attending they may not stay up until midnight. Have a bedroom available for the children to sleep in. If you don’t have enough extra bed space, ask parents to bring along a sleeping bag that their kids can use to sleep in during the party.

Happy New Year!


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