Fall Party Ideas — 5 Fall First Birthday Celebration Themes

Is your fall baby’s first birthday approaching? Throw them a fun and festive affair with these colorful fall party ideas. From Halloween to rustic harvest, pumpkins, and sweet autumn apples — we’ve compiled a number of creative autumn party themes that you can use for your child’s, turn of the season, first birthday celebration!

fall party ideas fall first birthday

Fall Party Ideas — Halloween Themed Birthday

Consider throwing your little one a Halloween first birthday party. Halloween isn’t all about tricks and scares, it’s also an occasion filled with sweet treats, cute costumes, and creative decorations.

Create custom Halloween birthday invitations that match your theme perfectly. Add your favorite cute photo of your little gal or guy in costume. Incorporate bright hues of orange and rustic browns into your invites. And don’t forget to add cute and clever wording. Include an additional note in your invites requesting that all of your guests come in cute, not scary, Halloween costumes.

fall party ideas
Custom photo first birthday invitation by PurpleTrail.com.

Decorate with orange and brown balloons, streamers, and strings of lights. Carve a few jack-o-lanterns and put them on display. Try carving “happy first birthday” into at least one of them.

Serve warm apple cider and apple pie. Set up a Halloween themed pinata for the kids. Have your guests vote for the best dressed child and adult. Award the winners with a small prize.

This is truly an unforgettable theme that kids and adults will both enjoy!

Fall Party Ideas — Rustic Harvest Themed Birthday

Rustic harvest is a perfect theme for any fall celebration, but it goes especially well with first birthday parties. The bright colors and symbols of fertility, abundance, and letting go of the past make it a fitting theme for a celebration in honor of your little bundle of joy’s first birthday!

Start your celebration out right with custom rustic harvest first birthday party invitations. Add your favorite fall baby photo and custom wording, rich fonts, and a harvest themed design.

fall party ideas fall 1st birthday

Purchase a handful of wooden, rustic looking photo frames. Stick your favorite baby photos inside and set up the photo frames throughout your party room. Garnish your mantels, walls, and ceilings with grapevine garland and strings of bright orange lights.

Pumpkins, cornucopias, bundles of wheat, and hay bails will add wonders to your party!

Fall Party Ideas — Pumpkin Themed Birthday

A pumpkin theme for your little pumpkin’s first birthday will make your celebration easy to prepare for, affordable, and very fun! Make your invitations introduce your theme.

Add festive fall baby photos, clever wording, and colorful fall tones to your custom invitations. Try taking a photo of your baby amongst a pile of pumpkins. Then, add it to your custom invitations for a super cute and fall themed invite your guests will love.

fall party ideas -- fall first birthday
Baby in a basket.

Fill up your party room with pumpkins, orange balloons, and fiery orange lanterns. Cover your tables with bright orange fabric and use jack-o-lanterns or gourds as your table centerpieces. Set up a pumpkin carving station for your older guests. Setup a pumpkin painting station for the younger kids.

Serve pumpkin pie, roasted pumpkin seeds, and roasted sweet potatoes and squash. Make your own pumpkin themed first birthday cake, or hire a professional baker to make one for you.

Choose this theme if you’re short on time. You can really pull everything you need for this theme together in no time!

Fall Party Ideas — Sweet Autumn Apples

Because apples are at their peak in fall, a sweet autumn apples theme is a good pick for your little one’s first birthday celebration. Create custom photo invitations that match your theme and show off your little ones good looks. Add cute wording such as, “she’s the apple of our eye!”. Finish off your invitation with a sweet fall design and ship them off to all of your guests.

Fill your party room paper apple garland. Cover your tables with apple printed fabric. Fill large bowls with ripe apples and use the dishes as your table centerpieces.

fall party ideas

Prepare a bobbing for apples activity. Serve warm apple sauce, cider, and fresh baked apple pie. Take look at this fun pie in a jar recipe for a fun and handy alternative to tradition apple pie. Put out a large bowl of sliced apples. Surround the bowl with small dishes of peanut butter and caramel — a somewhat healthier alternative to apple pie!

Fall Party Ideas — Falling Leaves Themed Birthday

Add a splash of color to your child’s first birthday by opting for a falling leaves themed celebration. Create custom invitations that match your theme perfectly — with fall themed baby photos, fiery fall colors, and appropriate fall themed wording. Tuck your custom invites into bright orange, red, or green envelopes. Then, top your stationery off with a fall themed stamp.

Purchase a few yards of colorful autumn leaves garland and use it to decorate your party area. Fill up your venue with bright red, orange, yellow, and green balloons and strings of lights.

fall party ideas fall first birthday

Cover up your tables with a variety of tablecloths — alternating colors between red, orange, and green. Purchase fake branches with fall colored leaves, or find a few nice branch outside, and stick inside of clear glass vases. Use these as your table centerpieces.

Purchase a dozen round, paper lanterns. Hot glue colorful, autumn leaves to the lanterns and hang them up around your venue. Add whatever you like to this theme to make it your own!

Fall Party Ideas — First Birthday Inspiration

Hop these fall party ideas gave you the inspiration you need to put together a breathtaking first birthday celebration! Choose to go with one the themes we mentioned above, how you can also mix a few of the fall suggestions together. Good luck planning for your child’s special day and have fun putting it together!

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