Fabulous, Frugal New Years Party Games

Hosting a New Years Eve party is a great way to celebrate all the good things to come in life as well as reflect on the achievements and milestones of the past year. After you’ve sent out your affordable New Year’s invitations, planned a delicious champagne-filled feast and decorated your space with all that glitters, all that’s left to do is decide how to keep your guests entertained. Get inspired by this list of fabulous, budget-friendly New Years party games and pick your favorites to play at your party.

new years party games
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Guess the Resolution

Have each guest write their top three resolutions for the coming year on paper. After splitting off into two teams, have each team member try to guess which resolution belongs to which person on the opposite team. You can also turn it into a group activity and simply read the resolutions out loud and have everyone shout out their guesses. Expect to be both impressed and amused!

 What if?

For this game, everyone sits in a circle. Give each guest a blank note card and a pen. Have them write down a silly “What if?” question, such as “What if there were no Starbucks?” or “What if people owned spaceships instead of cars?” Once each guest has written their question, they pass their note card to the person on their right, face down.

Without looking at the question written on the note card, everyone writes the answer to the question they wrote down, starting with “then.” For example: “What if people owned spaceships instead of cars?” Answer: “Then we’d have a lot of space rage.” At this point, you, the host, collect everyone’s cards and shuffle them. Hand out a card to every guest, question up, making sure no guest gets their own card.

Go around the circle and have everyone read their new question and answer. The results are always seriously silly, such as “What if there were no Starbucks?” “Then we’d all have to live next to rivers.” This is a game of chance, because whoever ends up with the most ridiculous/silly/funny Q&A combo is the winner.

Bouncing Ball Drinking Game

All you’ll need for this game is a round of drinks and an imaginary ball! Have everyone sit in a circle with a drink in their hand. Someone needs to start the game by saying one of the following words: whiz, bounce, or boing. Whiz means the ball moves on to the next player (right or left, your choice, clarified at the beginning). Bounce means the ball skips the next player and moves on to the following person. Boing means the ball hits the wall and switches direction. The penalty for any error is taking a drink.

Pin the Kiss

Buy some red lips stickers and stick them to Post it Notes. Blindfold player one, and spin him or her around three times. With guests standing around the player in a circle, the blindfolded smoocher will stick a kiss on the first person they find. Participants have to share a New Year’s Eve kiss (on the cheek or otherwise) once the player is unmasked. This is a great way to ensure everyone gets a smooch at midnight!

Past Year Charades

Charades is a classic party activity, but turn it into one of the best new years party games by making it themed on the headlines, movies, songs and phrases of the past year. People who have brushed up on their pop culture or paid attention will love this version!

Shake Your Booty

For this hilarious game you will need an empty tissue box, 10-12 ping pong balls and some rope. Before the party, lace the rope through the box so that you will be able to tie it around the waist of the players. Cut an opening that will allow the ping pong balls to escape when shaken, but not too large. You don’t want the balls to escape the tissue box without some real effort. Fill the box with the ping pong balls.

Tie the tissue box belt around the player’s waist, making sure the tissue box is in the back. Put on some music and let the player shake their booty to the music. Every player takes a turn doing this, getting timed to see who can shake the ping pong balls out the fastest. No touching the box with your hands or help from others is allowed!

 New Years Trivia

Trivia is one of the best New Year’s party games because the topic will be easy: events of the year whose end you’re celebrating! Trivia works best for parties large enough to break into several groups of 4-6 people. Before the party, compose a list of questions and answers related to the year you’ve just had: major headlines, new songs, TV shows, movies and political figures are all fair game. Then see which of your friends has been paying attention this year!

You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile

One player is “It”, and they’re the only person allowed to smile during the game. They then have to try their hardest to make everyone else in the group smile. This can get very silly, and that’s the point! The game continues as your guests break their stone-faced looks and smile or laugh. The last guest to smile is the winner.

new years party games
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Having some ideas for New Year’s party games on hand will ensure that your guests have a great time. Select your favorite games from this list and keep everyone laughing and having fun long after the clock strikes midnight. Happy New Year!

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