Easter Egg Decorating for Everyone

Easter egg decoration tips

Decorating Easter eggs can bring out the artist in anyone. There’s so much that you can do and it is always so much fun. As you, get ready to send elegant Easter greeting cards and plan your Easter activities, here are some unique tips, about Easter Egg decorating for everyone to enjoy. .

Egg Decoration With Everyday Kitchen Items (Source:www.aeb.org)

  • Use nontoxic glue to hold different colors of dry (not cooked) rice, such as white, brown or wild rice, onto your Easter eggs. You could also use small pasta shapes, such as alphabet letters, elbow pasta, orzo (rice-shaped pasta) or shells. Or use dry beans of any kind, such as black, kidney, navy, pinto or red beans. You can even use dry split peas or lentils, or un-popped popcorn kernels.
  • Use a small brush to spread glue on the egg, or squeeze the glue right out of the bottle to make a design on the egg shell.
  • Use tweezers to make it easier to pick up small shapes. Press the shapes gently into the glue.
  • For rice (and other very small shapes, like orzo) pour the rice into a bowl and simply roll the glued egg in it.
  • Work on one small section of the egg at a time, about 1/4 of the egg at the most. Then, turn the egg and work on another section. When the design is done, let the glue dry. Use an egg carton to dry the eggs. If you’ve used a lot of glue, it might take up to 2 hours for the eggs to dry.
  • When the glue is totally dry, use also have the option of using spray paint to make the design any color of the rainbow you like. You can even make golden eggs! Just remember that spray-painted eggs aren’t for eating.
  • Another option is to glue beads onto the eggs for a colorful or sparkly look.
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Fun Egg Characters:

  • You could also use Easter eggs to make faces ,or animal shapes.
  • For the “Easter Bunny” in the picture below, the egg shell has been dyed purple
  • The ears are made with construction paper of two different colors.
  • Use the construction paper again for the feet.
  • Glue on the eyes (readily available at the craft stores).
  • Glue on pieces of black wool for the whiskers.
  • And cotton for the nose.

Indoor Easter Egg Tree An Easter Egg Tree is an elegant way to display all your decorated eggs. Look for some dried twigs and hang your eggs with clear string or colorful ribbon. For added effect, add some faux or real flowers, ribbons and chicks and you have a beautiful indoor decoration ready!

Have a wonderful Easter celebration.

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