Earth Day Party Ideas To Help Save The Planet

Earth Day reminds us to love and care for the Earth and our fellow creatures. Send online Earth Day cards to commemorate this often forgotten holiday. Earth Day is so important to our future and we should all celebrate in one way or another. Whether you want to do it just for your own family, for your school, fund-raiser or earth day for kids–do it! Save our planet with Earth Day party ideas from PurpleTrail!

Why not resolve to spend the day in the most Earth friendly way possible. Lead the way by throwing a party for the planet to show your support for protecting the environment.

Earth Day Cards & Invitations

Green Leaves Earth Day Party Ideas Card

Earth Day Party Ideas

Earth Day Cards and Invitations: Your invitations should spell out the details and the significance of the day.

  • You can write your invitation on miniature globe
  • Instead of using paper, send your party invitations or Earth Day, cards, online to save on paper.
  • If you want to make your own, recycling old Christmas cards into new invitations or Earth Day cards, can be a fun project.
  • If you decide, to buy, invitations or Earth Day cards PurpleTrail, Print is very eco-friendly. The paper is made, from 80% post consumer waste.
  • Send your invites on brown paper bags, which symbolize the importance of recycling.
  • You can write something fun like: “Earth to Katie; Earth to Katie. You’re invited to an Earth Day Party!”

Party Suggestions

  • You can request your guests to bring a recyclable item as their “ticket” to enter the party.
  • Encourage attendees to walk, bike, carpool or take public transportation to your party. Riding the bus can be fun with a group of friends.
  • Encourage your guests to dress in any color that is found in nature. Green is a great choice.

Earth Day Party Ideas for Decorations: Why not use nature’s decor for your backdrop? A nature center, a park or your own backyard makes an ideal setting for a party. But if you plan it indoors the color scheme should reflect tones found in nature, so opt for shades of brown, gold and green.

  • Posters of stunning vistas, oceans or mountains are easy to get and display. And of course, the more small trees or plants that you can fit into the party site, the better.
  • Use blue tablecloths (for the sky) and green napkins (for the earth). Make sure they are cloth and therefore reusable. Party supply stores often sell inflatable globes or small globes on key chains that are inexpensive in large quantities and can serve a dual purpose as party favors.
  • Scatter candles made of natural beeswax across tabletops for added light and ambiance.
  • Old outdated maps and atlases can be found at used bookstores. Cut them up and use them as “place maps.”
  • Potted plants and seedlings make great decorations that can be given to guests to take home and plant. Put them in recycled decorated coffee cans, yogurt cups or glass jars. Dried seasonal plants or fresh organic flowers also make great centerpieces.
  • There are also great earth balloons at your local balloon store. When your party is over, you can donate the beautiful balloons to a local hospital or nursing home.
  • For music, why not make an Earth Day CD of songs having Earth in their title or songs with lyrics promoting the earth or nature. Copies of this would also be a great party favor for your guests.

Note: Dont forget that this holiday encourages everyone to recycle, reduce and reuse. Decorations like streamers and balloons that will get trashed after your party doesnt exactly say “earth-friendly.” Set up plenty of recycling bins for paper, plastic and aluminum waste instead of general trash cans. (If youre really crafty, you could reuse some St. Patricks Day decorations. Theyre green and recycled!).

Party Food: Green! It’s earth day so serve foods from the earth! Eating green has less of an impact on the environment. Earth Day is a great time to experiment with foods many people don’t normally eat. Your menu could consist of

  • Tofu hotdogs
  • Vegetarian baked beans
  • Organic potato chips
  • Soy cheese wedges
  • Fresh fruits or vegetables with dip
  • Lentil and brown rice soup
  • Sandwiches on home-baked rolls
  • Add fresh herbs, diced tomatoes and a little minced garlic to hummus and serve this earthy dip with crudits and toasted pita wedges.
  • Dessert is a no-brainer. Because Earth Day is also Arbor Day – the day that Johnny Apple seed is honored – serve apple pie.

Drinks: Don’t forget that Earth is the water planet! The beverage of choice can be anything from ice-cold water dressed up with fresh lemon or lime wedges to homemade lemonade. If serving alcohol, most liquor stores offer selections of organic wide or locally brewed beer. Dandelion wine would also be a truly fitting refreshment.


  • Check your local library or online for simple vegetarian recipes.
  • Serve refreshments in earthenware containers.
  • Add natural grains like couscous, wheat pasta, whole wheat breads, and the like.
  • Select environmentally friendly ingredients when shopping for your food. Some key words and phrases to look for include: Organic, All-natural, Free-range, Fair-trade, Pesticide-free
  • To make sure that you don’t use any disposable utensils or tableware. Provide guests with cloth napkins, regular silverware, glasses and plates.
  • Make sure everyone knows where the recycling bins are located and have your guests compost kitchen waste.
  • You might also suggest that attendees bring a canned good to donate to your community’s food shelf.

Earth Day Activity & Earth Day Games:

Some Earth Day games are a fun way to reiterate the importance of protecting the environment. Here are some activities that will have your guests seeing green:

  • Earth Day trivia game: Know how hybrid cars manage to conserve gas? How many tons of waste Americans produce each year? With a little pre-party research you’ll have plenty of facts to entertain and spread a little eco-awareness.
  • Scavenger hunt: Send your guests out to retrieve a list of items found in nature, such as acorns, pine cones, or even an earthworm. Add litter to the list and the game doubles as a neighborhood beautification project. Or have people look for clues (that you have hidden throughout your home or the room you’re using) to fill out a form that has 10 ways to save our planet.
  • Trash into treasure: Use milk jugs, grocery bags, aluminum cans and other recyclables to create sculptures that can be used as centerpieces.
  • Earth friendly Spa:You can also host an earth-friendly spa party. You and your guests can create natural beauty remedies with things you probably already have around the house. Try these beauty tips:
    • Wash hair with lemon juice or beer for shine
    • Cleanse skin with egg whites, which are known for their clarifying properties
    • Combine oatmeal and honey for a natural and gentle face scrub
    • Make your own body scrub with coconut oil and sugar
  • Challenge your guests to come up with the best Earth Day poem or song. The results will range from the hilarious to the poignant.
  • Have everyone bring old white T-shirts to tie-dye and decorate as their own “Save Our Planet” T-shirt–give a prize for the best one.
  • For prizes, give away earth friendly products for prizes like Earth friendly soaps, stationary, flowers or plants.

Earth Day Party Favors:

Send guests home with party favors that encourage them to conserve. Packets of seedlings, an energy-efficient light bulb and a list of local curbside recycling services can be reminders to help jumpstart a greener lifestyle.

We hope these Earth Day party ideas help with your plans.


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