Throw A Great Earth Day Party For Kids

Earth day is a birthday! A day to celebrate earth, appreciate nature and learn ways to protect our environment. As responsible crew members of the spaceship earth we can teach our children to make a difference. This is not something we should do only on Earth Day celebration, but each and every day with good habits that are part of their day to day routine. Lets make a start this Earth Day!

Earth Day For Kids

Earth Day Party Invitations Its all about using minimal resources and having the least amount of impact on the environment. So why not send online invitations with a nature theme template. This way there is very little wastage involved.

By involving your child in sending the invite you could turn a simple activity into a learning experience. Choose a time of the day when you are relatively free and your child is fresh. Explain to them about electricity and how it is important for them to switch off the lights every time they leave the room. Even three year olds can understand this. Answer your childs curiosity in as simple a language as you can. They understand more than you think they do!

Earth Day Party Time For Kids – An earth day for kids party could be as simple as a visit to the zoo, a farm, a park or even star gazing. Using simple things like glow in the dark stickers you could explain how the stars and moon are always in the sky even during the day, yet they are invisible to us on earth. Watching ducks feed their ducklings at the zoo might seem boring to you, but is an adventure in itself for children.

Earth Day Tips :

  • If you can, take a bus to the destination. A bus ride with friends will get everyone in great spirits.
  • Let children lead the way and decide how much time they want to spend and where.
  • Dont rush them so that you can complete the tour in the stipulated time. Its ok if they dont end up seeing everything that is there to see.
  • Use all the five senses. Encourage kids to touch, feel and smell the things they are seeing. Stop and listen for sounds that you would otherwise ignore.
  • Carry along a magnifying glass. If its the first time they are using it, you are introducing them to a whole new world.

Earth Day Activity – You could tell them about different seasons using various objects that are used commonly in that season. Like a hat in summer and raincoat or umbrella for the rainy season.

Another good activity could be demonstrating how plants survive on water. For a good demonstration, you could put a cut white flower or light colored plant (like balsam) in colored water overnight. The flower or plant will absorb the water and turn that color.

Earth Day Party Food Take a picnic basket along loaded with fruits, juices, cheese and sandwiches. No candy and no soda. Stress on healthy eating habits. Encourage them to take only portions that they can finish.

Earth Day Kids Party Favors :

  • A potted plant or seedling is just the right favor for this occasion.
  • A chart or book with lesser known animals or plants is another good idea.
  • Reusable plastic cups or sports bottle could also thrill the little ones attending the party.
  • You could also buy a pack of fabric glitter colors and plain handkerchiefs in pastel colors. For each child attending the party you could give out a handkerchief which has his or her name. Not only would the kids be thrilled, but also be encouraged to use less paper napkins.

Celebrate Earth Day and have fun helping to save the Earth one day at a time!

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