Dinosaur First Birthday Party Ideas

Dinosaur is becoming an enormously popular theme for first birthday invitations celebrations. The colorful tones, educational aspects, and imaginative decorations really make this theme perfect for any youngster’s birthday — whether they are a boy or girl. Give your child’s first birthday bite with these fun and creative dinosaur first birthday party ideas.

dinosaur first birthday party ideas
Baby in dinosaur costume.

Use our advice ranging from invitations to decorations, entertainment, and favors to make your child’s first birthday unforgettable and filled with fun.


Wow your guests with custom dinosaur photo invitations. Add your favorite baby photos, Jurassic font, and clever wording. Take a look at the dino invite below for design inspiration.

dinosaur first birthday party ideas
Dinosaur photo first birthday invitation by PurpleTrail.com.

Your invitations will be the first thing your guests see of your party, so take extra time to make them perfect. Don’t leave out important details regarding the time, place, and the date of your celebration. Also include a note as to what your guests should bring. Have fun creating your invitations and make sure the design matches your dinosaur first birthday theme.

To add even more to your theme, tuck your invites inside of bright colored envelopes and top them off with a dinosaur stamp.

Dinosaur first birthday party ideas
Dinosaur stamp.


You can really hold your celebration anywhere — even in the luxury of your own home. If you’re in need of venue ideas and are willing pay a bit extra, consider holding the celebration at a museum. If there’s museum in your area with a dinosaur exhibit, check to see if they have space available for parties — most do. Museums are perfect locations to hold first birthdays, because they offer amenities adults and youngsters alike will enjoy. This venue choice will be a bit costly, but your guests will be sure to remember your child’s birthday and enjoy the experience.

dinosaur first birthday party ideas
The Field Museum of Natural History on June 07, 2005 in Chicago, Illinois. The Field Museum has been located at the building shown here since 1921.


Start by filling up your party area with bright green balloons, steamers, banners, and strings of lights. Purchase a bunch of cheap-plastic dinosaur figurines. If you got your hands on a large dinosaur figurine, try turning it into a super cool dino platter — like the one in the photo below. Find out how to build it on ThreeLittleMonkeysStudio.com.

dinosaur first birthday party ideas
DIY Dinosaur platter.

Purchase or make your own colorful dinosaur paper garland. For DIY garland, simply cut dinosaur silhouettes out of colorful construction paper. Then, punch wholes in the cutouts and string them together with yarn. Use the garland to decorate your mantel or a plain ceiling area. Draw large dinosaur foot prints on a piece of paper, cut them out, and tape them onto your floor. Have them start at your entrance and lead to your party room.

dinosaur first birthday party ideas
Dinosaur footprint cutout. Photo courtesy of Little.Lovely.Typepad.com.

Cover your tables with bright green and blue fabric. Attach a bundle of balloons to a large plastic dinosaur and use it as the centerpiece for your table. Create a collage of your favorite baby photos and hang it on a wall. Your guests will enjoy seeing how much your child has grown. The board will also make for a great conversation piece.


Rent a photo booth and provide your guests with a bunch of dinosaur props. Safari hats, masks, and hats will all make lovely additions to the photo booth. Hang up a dinosaur pinata and prepare dinosaur trivia questions for the adults.

Check out a fun dinosaur footprint activity. Print it out for free and have your young guests try to fit the pieces together. This will be a fun learning activity for the kids at your party. Print out some of these dinosaur coloring pages. Lay out the pages on a table, and set up a few basket of crayons.

dinosaur first birthday party ideas
Dinosaur pinata. Buy one on ThePartyWorks.com.

Set up a fossil digging station. Purchase a small plastic kiddie pool and fill it up with wood shavings. Bury seashells, plastic dinosaurs, and fake bones in the shavings. Set paint brushes, shovels, and safari hats on top of a nearby table. Kids will have a blast digging for fossils.

Fill up colorful plastic eggs with candy and prizes. Hide them around your house and have the kids go on a dinosaur egg hunt. If you have time, prepare a scavenger hunt for the kids — with clues leading them to where each egg is hidden.

Have a few dinosaur themed films on hand. Jurassic Park, Land Before Time, and Ice Age are all great choices. Have the films playing in the background of your celebration. Your guests can sit back and enjoy the films if they get bored or would like a break from socializing.


Whip up a batch of sugar cookie dough. Flatten your dough and use a coffee mug to cutout circular shapes. Then, use your finger tips to create dinosaur foot prints in your cookies. Fill up plastic bags with the cookies. Attach a thank you note and pass out the goodie bags to your guests as party favors.

dinosaur first birthday party ideas
Fossil cookie. Photo courtesy of KitchenSimplicity.com.

Dinosaur First Birthday Party Ideas

Hope these dinosaur first birthday ideas give you the inspiration you need to plan a spectacular celebration! For more great first birthday themes and ideas, take a look at our Happy First Birthday — Planning An Unforgettable Celebration article. Good luck planning your party and congratulations.

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