Diaper Poker – Not just for Daddies

As you send out your baby shower invitations, consider a co-ed shower. Co-ed showers are gaining popularity. Trouble is, there aren’t that many great themes to gear toward the men that attend. Little duckies and bears might be a a bit too cutesy for all the testosterone. A great theme to use is “diaper poker” -, it’s fun for the ladies and the guys. It’s easy to plan, and fun for the whole crowd.


When sending out your invitations, include that in order to play poker, each guest must bring a pack of diapers. That will act as their ante in. You can establish what the dollar amount each pack buys them. For instance, a 16 pack of diapers could buy you $100 in chips. Then as each guest arrives, keep track of who brings what to make sure they each get enough chips to start the game. If you have a larger guest list, plan on setting up several tables to accommodate the players. You may have people who don’t want to play, therefore it’s unlikely you’ll need a seat for everyone.

When decorating, keep it simple. If the parent’s to be have chosen a theme for their baby’s room, try and incorporate that, otherwise keep it simple. A few balloons and a few flowers will keep the area open but festive. If you don’t have a poker table, cover your table with simple table clothes of a solid color (white would be best) so players can easily see their poker chips.

Finger food is the best option for any kind of poker party but since this is also a baby shower, a nice mix of elegant and finger foods is the best way to go. Consider hot wings with a few different dipping sauces, a pasta salad, and some watermelon. Keep it simple and easy. You can always go with pretzels, chips, and bite sized veggies and dip. To avoid feeling like you have to feed guests a meal, try planning the shower at an in between meal time like 2 or 3 in the afternoon. If you want to host a meal, a nacho bar or a few different kinds of pizza’s are always easy too.

Have fun at your diaper poker shower! Be sure to have a prize for the winner and the runner up. Things like movie tickets or a gift certificate to a restaurant are great prizes.

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