Dating Tips: Meeting His Friends

game night party invitation

You’ve met someone special you seem to connect with. You’ve been out enough times that things are turning serious. Now it’s time to get introduced to his friends, which can cause anxiety. Meeting his friends for the first time is a big deal. Although some men may not talk as freely with their friends about their developing relationships as women often do, they still are looking for their friends’ opinions and to see how you fit into the existing social circle. Although there aren’t any hard and fast rules, there are some good guidelines and some good choices of venue to think about for this exciting introduction. When it comes to dating tips, there isn’t much advice for meeting a man’s friends, so we’ve gathered advice from some experts.


Dating Tips for a Successful Friend Introduction

Relax and be yourself. This doesn’t mean show up in your Sunday afternoon sweatsuit but it does mean don’t put on a show. If he is introducing you to his friends it means he wants to make you part of his world and thinks you are great. Don’t pretend to know about his favorite sport or whatever he and his friends are in to if you don’t. Be genuine! Ask questions and let his friends know you are interested in learning about things they like and that you are supportive – not fake. His friend will appreciate your honesty and enjoy talking with you more if they feel you are being genuine.

Don’t set expectations. You might be lucky and hit it off with his BFF, but you might not. Initially, first meetings are hard and the conversation might not flow perfectly. But if you just show genuine interest and listen sincerely, things will develop naturally. No need to put pressure on yourself to be the perfect fit into the group instantly. Your new boyfriend cares about you and that is why you are there – there’s no recipe for an instant connection.

Be sure to carry conversation. If you tend to be more reserved or quiet, make sure you put on your extrovert hat a few times. It’s important that you try to connect (genuinely) because being overly reserved and quiet could come across as you being uninterested or snobbish. Remember, they don’t know you so they don’t have anything to go off but what you give them. This doesn’t mean you must out talk the entire group if you are normally a wallflower. It just means you should push yourself a little to make sure you are making a sincere effort to get to know them.

Venue Suggestions

game night party invitation

When deciding where to meet for the first time, there are a few things to consider. Ideally you want to find a place that you can actually carry on a conversation, so noisy clubs may not be the best place. Also, if you are going to his best friend’s house to play video games, that can be awkward too because it’s so informal and the evening will be full of inside jokes and banter. If the group is open to your suggestions of venue, here are a few good ideas:

A favorite restaurant. This is good because you know the food and service will be good and you can sit at table to facilitate conversation.

Lounge. Choose one that has a spot where you can talk above the music and seating is ample. You don’t want it to be too trendy or loud. Order some appetizers and good drinks and see how the night unfolds.

Game night. You could either have a game night in at his place or go out for bowling or whatever they are into. It’s a great way to interact and get a few laughs in. It also takes the pressure off of having nothing to do but sit at, table and provides an instant conversation topic.

Pot luck style dinner. Meet up at his place and set a food theme like Chinese, sushi, or Mexican. Have each person bring a little something to contribute. It’s a fun way to great something in common for everyone and provides a relaxed environment to talk in.

When it comes to dating tips, whether you’re meeting his friends or just getting to know him, the most important tip is to be yourself. If you’re genuinely kind and polite, you will have a great night and his friends will adore you. Good luck! For more dating tips and ideas for entertaining your sweetie, click here.

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