Cute, Creative Baby Shower Themes

A baby shower is an honored tradition in our culture, a fun get-together meant to shower the mommy-to-be with necessities for her and her baby. But after you’ve been to or hosted a few, you’re most likely longing to come up with some fresh, creative baby shower themes and ideas. Our PurpleTrail party experts have brainstormed, researched and come up with some exciting baby shower themes you’re sure to love as well as some ideas for making your guest of honor’s shower spectacular. Adapt any of these ideas and make them your own and explore’s adorable collection of baby shower invitations to find an invite that’s just right for your special day.

Baby Shower Themes

Sip and See

This makes fabulous couples shower theme! A sip and see is a great baby shower theme for after the baby is born. It’s hosted in an open house style. Establish a block of time where friends and family can come and sip, snack, and see the baby.

Cute Pink Mason Jar Baby Shower Invitation

Clouds and Raindrops

Taking the shower theme literally, this cute baby shower theme gives you the flexibility to choose gender neutral colors and decorate with clouds and raindrops. Use lemon drops or gumdrops as party favors or little bags of cotton candy that look like clouds.

Purple And Yellow Umbrella Girls Baby Shower Invite

Bow tie

This is an adorable idea for the distinguished gentleman that is to be born. You can tie in the bow tie theme to decor and food. Bow tie pasta, fold napkins into bow ties, get creative! Choose colors that coordinate with the baby’s nursery. There are more boy’s baby shower invitations all around, so inspiration can come from anywhere!

Argyle Boy Baby Shower Invite



Spring and summer are the perfect seasons to incorporate all that nature has to offer. Host the shower outdoors if you can and incorporate elements of your garden. Serve fresh fruits and vegetables, keeping ingredients fresh and simple. Serve tea and cucumber water. Use mix and match china for an elegant presentation. You would be surprised at what you can find at second hand stores for plates and cups.

Blue And Yellow Whimsical Flowers Boy Baby Shower Invitations


Little Man

The fake mustache has become a big theme for many parties, so why not incorporate into the baby shower? You can decorate with little mustaches on cupcakes and even use them as props for pictures. You could even create “cigars” by dipping pretzel rods in chocolate. This baby shower theme combines cute with masculine. This invitation was a bachelor party invitation from PurpleTrail’s sister site Wedding Paperie, but was easily customized to be a baby shower invitation.

Blue And Black Moustache Boy Baby Shower Invites

Sassy Girl

We all have a friend who is destined to have a sassy girl. Think bright pink, zebra stripes, and all things sassy and feminine. Serve up mom’s favorite dishes in an upscale way and be sure to provide pink drinks. Decor should be sassy and fun in a way that the mom to be will appreciate. There are so many girl baby shower invites to choose from!

Sassy Pink And Black Girl Baby Shower Invite

Bun in the Oven

This is one of our favorite baby shower themes and is best done with brunch. Serve a variety of pastries including, of course, sticky buns. Serve “momosas” to drink, which are made with orange juice mixed with sparkling cider. Hang strings of pot holders on the walls to get creative with your decorations. PurpleTrail has a “Bun in the Oven” baby shower invitation that can be customized the suit your needs and tastes.

Bun in the Oven Baby Shower invite

 Baby Shower Ideas

Here are some other ideas for making your next baby shower your best one yet:

  • Have each guest bring a book for the baby. This is a wonderful way to help Mom build up her collection of bedtime stories!
  • Set out a guestbook and let each guest give their best piece of parenting advice. Any pregnant woman will tell you she gets plenty of unsolicited advice, but tips from her close friends and family members- especially Grandma Jean who raised six babies during the Great Depression- will be appreciated.
  • Play “Feeling Rattled?” Before the party, string a clothesline across the room and hang booties, onesies, bibs, and swaddling blankets. Midway through the party, when every guest is present, remove all the items. Then announce the game: Guests must write down, in order, all the objects that were hung from the clothesline. It’s a great way to see who noticed the decor!
  • Play “Who’s that baby?” Ask guests to bring a photocopy of their best baby picture to the event. Number each picture and attach them to poster board or hang them from a clothesline. Ask everyone to match the baby picture to the shower guest. This game usually results in a lot of laughter and makes a great ice breaker.
  • Incorporate your baby gift into the decor. String up onesies and socks with clothespins and hang them on the wall. At the end of the party, gift them to the mom-to-be.

We hope these creative baby shower themes and ideas will help you welcome the new baby in style and give the mom-to-be in your life a memorable day full of fun, laughter and love.


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