Cute Cowgirl Birthday Party Ideas, Invitation Wording, Activities, Crafts

If your little girl has a birthday on the way, make it a rustic, fun-filled affair with these creative country, western, cowgirl birthday party ideas. Covering everything from cowgirl birthday invitations to cowgirl birthday invitation wording, decorations, favors, and more, you’ll have everything you need to make your little girl’s day sparkle with joy.

Cute Country Western Cowgirl Birthday Party Ideas
Cowgirl Sheriff Kids Party Invitation by

Cowgirl Birthday Invitations

Introduce your fun birthday theme to guests with cute cowgirl birthday invitations. You can make your own cowgirl birthday invitations on using any of the lovely templates featured throughout this post, along with hundreds of other creative kids birthday invitation templates, with their easy-to-use invitation maker tool.

After choosing a template and personalizing it with your choice of photos, fonts, colors, and more, add one of the sweet cowgirl birthday invitation wording ideas below. After you’re done making your cowgirl birthday invitations, personalize matching birthday thank you cards, envelopes, envelope liners, and other fun stationery pieces to accentuate your theme further.

Cute Country Western Cowgirl Birthday Party Ideas
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Cowgirl Birthday Invitation Wording

Include one of these cowgirl birthday invitation wording samples in your invitations or use them to come up with ideas of your own.


Cute Country Western Cowgirl Birthday Party Ideas
Modern Cowgirl Kids Birthday Party Invitation by


Saddle up and trot on over

to Stacy’s Cowgirl Birthday Party

July 10th, 2016

from 10 pm until 2 pm

The Philip’s Farm

343 Pine Street, Dayton, Ohio

from 12:00 pm through 4:00 pm

Pony rides, birthday cake, games, and more!

Cute Country Western Cowgirl Birthday Party Ideas
Down On The Farm Birthday Party Invitation by


Baa, Moo, Oink Neigh,

It’s time to celebrate Sarah’s

Second Birthday

Join us for a cowgirl birthday party

at our home

543 Oak Road, Hudson, Minisota

April 7th

from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm


With an oink and moo and a cock-a-doodle-do

Robert wants to celebrate his fifth birthday with you!

Berry Grove Farm

400 Berry Road

September 10th

11:00 am until 3:00 pm

There will be cake, pony rides, and games!

Cowgirl Birthday Party Ideas: Venues

Although your cowgirl birthday party venue will depend on your daughter’s age and maybe even the time of year, here are a few recommendations to help you come to a decision.

Cowgirl Birthday Party Ideas: Petting Zoo Birthday Party Venue

Holding your cowgirl birthday party at a petting zoo can be lots of fun for guests of all ages, from very young kids to even tweens, if they like animals and nature. Guests can take pony rides, learn about animals, and stroll around the grounds. See if there are any petting zoos in your area that offer special birthday accommodations for kids.

Cowgirl Birthday Party Ideas: Barn Birthday Party Venue

Barns are perfect venues for cowgirl birthday parties. On top of embellishing your theme, they will provide you with shelter if it rains and shade if it’s too hot. There are a variety of barns that you can rent out for parties. See if there are any in your area — check with berry picking farms, petting zoos, equestrian facilities, and pumpkin patches.  You can find a comprehensive list of barns available by state here.

Cute Country Western Cowgirl Birthday Party Ideas
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Cowgirl Birthday Party Ideas: Backyard Birthday Party

Your backyard is yet another venue option for your child’s cowgirl birthday party. Holding your kid’s birthday at home will save you money and stress, since you won’t have to take time to reserve and pay for a venue or carry party supplies to a different location. If your kid has a winter birthday, you can also hold their celebration in the comfort of your home.

Cowgirl Birthday Party Ideas: Decorations

Embellish your cowgirl birthday theme with these creative and fun DIY birthday decoration ideas.

DIY Cowgirl Party Decorations: Cow-Spotted Balloons

Add country charm to your kid’s cowgirl birthday party with cow-spotted balloons. You can purchase cow-spotted balloons online or make your own by drawing cow-spots on an inflated white balloon with a black sharpie.

Cute Country Western Cowgirl Birthday Party Ideas
Photo of cow-spotted balloons by Photo by Brooke Logue Photography.

DIY Cowgirl Party Decorations: Chalkboard Signs, DIY Wooden Signs

Purchase or make your own chalkboard signs, with chalkboard paint, a board, and chalk, for your daughter’s cowgirl birthday party. Simple wooden signs inscribed with white paint will also add to your theme.

You can use the signs to welcome guests to your celebration, note what’s on the menu, or wish your daughter a happy birthday. Add country flavor to your signs by incorporating western or southern themed wording, something as simple as “Howdy y’all” or “Welcome buckaroos” will do.

Cowgirl Party Decorations: Mason Jars, Handkerchiefs, Centerpieces

Use mason jars lined with red and blue handkerchiefs to hold forks, spoons, and knifes. Make simple, affordable table centerpieces for your kids birthday by adding fresh cut flowers to mason jars, simple vases, or even painted tin cans.

Cute Country Western Cowgirl Birthday Party Ideas
Double Sided Arrow Chalkboards with Stake available to buy on

Cowgirl Birthday Party Ideas: Activities, Crafts

Keep youngsters entertained at your kid’s cowgirl birthday party with these creative birthday activities and crafts.

Cowgirl Birthday Party Activities: DIY Wanted Photo Booth

Photo booths can be lots of fun and provide your daughter and her guests with a special photo keepsake. You can make your own with simple western-themed props, a camera, and a cute backdrop. Find more tips on a making a western photo booth for your little kid’s birthday by clicking on the photo below.

Cowgirl Birthday Party Activities: Stick Horses

If your daughter and guests are young enough, they might enjoy playing with stick ponies at your daughter’s cowgirl birthday party. You can make your own for less than two dollars a peice by following a tutorial on

Cute Country Western Cowgirl Birthday Party Ideas
Cute DIY cowgirl photo booth courtesy of

Cowgirl Birthday Party Crafts: Paint Horseshoes

Provide guests with a variety of acrylic paints and horseshoes. Have them decorate their horseshoe however they like. They can take it home as a souvenir of your little girl’s birthday party.

Cowgirl Birthday Party Ideas: Games, Favors

Your kid’s cowgirl birthday wouldn’t be complete without party games and favors. Use the ideas below for cute keepsake and entertainment ideas.

Cowgirl Birthday Party Games: Pin The Tail On The Pony

This is a classic birthday party game that will embellish your theme and keep young guests entertained. You can buy a horse decal to play this game on or, if you’re good at drawing you can make your own. Simply sketch a large horse silhouette onto construction paper, cut it out with scissors, and tape the cutout onto a wall.

Cute Country Western Cowgirl Birthday Party Ideas
DIY pin the tail on the pony game courtesy of

Then make horse tails for your daughter and guests by cutting out strips of construction paper, attaching several together with a staple, and adding a bow on top, like in the photo below. Make a tale for each guest and attach a loop of masking tape to the back of it. Then blind fold your guests and have them take turns pinning their tails.

Cowgirl Birthday Party Games: Gunny Sack Races

Another classic game with a rustic theme, gunny sack races can be fun for kids young and old. Purchase some burlap bags, prepare a start and finish line, and let your kids race to the finish. To make things more interesting, you can even provide the winner with a small prize that coincides with your theme, like a cowgirl hat or stuffed horse toy.

Cowgirl Birthday Party Games: Lasso Game

For this game, you’ll need to prepare a rope with a lasso knot and cover a bail of hay with a sheet or blanket. You’ll also need a target, something a lasso can easily fit around, like a stick horse, set up five or six feet away from the bail of hay. Have guests take turns trying to lasso the target, while sitting on the bail of hay, like they would a horse. Learn how to tie and throw a lasso here. Give your guests some pointers on how to throw the rope before starting the game.

Cute Country Western Cowgirl Birthday Party Ideas
Cute rustic favor bag courtesy of EllaJaneCrafts on

Cowgirl Birthday Party Favors: Cowgirl Hats, Sheriff Pins, Favor Bags

Your cowgirl birthday party favors can be as simple as handkerchiefs or as grandiose as real cowgirl hats. Sheriff pins or rustic favor bags filled with treats are another option. Choose something that suits your budget and your daughter’s interests.

Hopefully you found these cowgirl birthday party ideas inspiring! Good luck planning your daughter’s birthday party.

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