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Fall Leaves Couples Shower Ideas Invitation

These days, there are as many ways to host a bridal shower as there are types of brides. Couples showers (Jack and Jill showers) are gaining popularity. It’s fun to get the couple’s friends together and celebrate. A Jack and Jill bridal shower should be much more focused on fun and food then fuss and muss of a traditional all female shower. Our party experts have some great couples shower ideas and suggestions, from couples wedding shower invitations to the decorations, to help you throw a fantastic Jack and Jill bridal shower.

Couples Bridal Shower Invitations

Fall Leaves Couples Shower Ideas Invitation
Fall Leaves couple shower invitation by PurpleTrail.

Shop PurpleTrail’s collection of couples shower invitations to get inspiration for themes and other couples shower ideas. Remember to send your invitations out at least three weeks before the big day to give people time to plan.

Couples Shower Ideas & Tips


When considering a theme, consider the couple’s interests. If the pair loves cooking, a kitchen or bbq theme would be a great way to shower them with plenty of quality cookware. If they just purchased a home, consider a stock the bar theme where everyone brings a bottle or glassware to contribute. Perhaps they love gardening or the outdoors. Whatever they enjoy, build the theme around that and work it into the party details like the bridal shower invitations, decor and party favors. Make sure to clearly state on the invitations what the theme will be.


When it comes to couples shower ideas, decorating can be difficult since the shower will be for both men and women. One of the fun things about a couples shower is that the theme of the shower doesn’t have to be the same theme as the decor. For example, you can ask guests to bring kitchen appliances and still decorate for a beach party or a vintage garden party.

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Since a couples shower is more of a cocktail party than a cake and punch reception, choose substantial dishes or appetizers to feed your guests. Keep it simple and fun in order to please a variety of tastes. Consider asking the bride and groom what their favorite dishes are. If your shower is in the summertime, grill some meat and vegetables. Provide plenty of chips and dip, veggies or trail mix for guests to snack on throughout the party. For drinks, consider beer, wine and a signature cocktail created with the couple in mind as well as soda or lemonade.

Here is a cocktail recipe perfect for a couples shower, called “Something Blue”:

  • 2 ounces Hypnotic liquer
  • 2 ounces white wine
  • Ginger ale
  • Serve in a martini glass or champagne glass. Garnish with fruit.

For desserts, instead of a traditional cake, consider cupcakes or fancy donuts. You could go all out and provide a bride’s cake and a groom’s cake. Chocolate dipped strawberries will also be a hit.


When it comes to couples shower ideas, it can be tough to pull off the perfect party games that keep everyone interested. However, it can be done with a little creativity and twists on tradition. Here are a few game ideas:

The Newlywed Game: play an engagement version of The Newlywed Game. Send the bride and the groom in separate rooms. Next, ask them a series of questions and tell them to write their answers down on a piece of paper. Then, bring both of them back into the same room. Read the questions and have each try to guess what his or her spouse’s response was. Award one point for each correct answer.

Karaoke Competition: Have each person write down two famous songs about love or marriage on a piece of paper and put in a basket. Then have each person pick a slip and sing as much of the song as he or she can remember.

Memories: Have each couple write something significant about themselves and the bride or groom. The bride then has to read each slip of paper and guess which couple wrote it.


Sending your party guests home with favors is a great way to thank them for coming. Small picture frames, engraved champagne glasses or magnets are all great ideas. For a unique party favor, staple a scratch ticket to a note that says something like, “Ken and Julie are lucky in love. We hope you get lucky too!”

Other Couples Shower Ideas & Tips

  • Don’t make opening the gifts as much of a focus as it is for a traditional bridal shower. Consider having the couple open them after the party, or provide a fun activity like a card game for guests to play while gifts are opened.
  • Don’t make anyone feel left out! Invite the bride and groom’s single friends and relatives as well as the couples in their lives.
  • Don’t limit yourself to a Sunday afternoon for a couples shower. Since it’s more like a party, it can be held on a Saturday night or any other time.
  • Consider having a guestbook where guests can write tips and advice for the couple.
  • Have an ending time on your shower invitations. Since a couples shower is more like a party, you may end up with guests who linger long after you’d like to go to bed.
  • Most of all, have fun and enjoy the company. Celebrate the happy couple!
We hope these couples shower ideas have been helpful and inspirational. Check out more couples shower ideas for themes and venues.


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