Couples Shower Venue Ideas

As you get ready to send bridal shower invitations consider having a couples wedding shower. It is becoming an increasingly popular way to celebrate impending nuptials. The atmosphere is less frilly and fussy than a traditional bridal shower and a great way to celebrate with all the couple’s friends and family. We’ve put together a few couples shower venue ideas to consider.

Wine Bar, Winery, Brewery

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If the couple are connoisseurs of wine or beer, host the shower at their favorite wine bar, winery or brewery. You can often do free tastings and arrange for a tour of the facility.

The Couple’s Home

If the couple tend to be weekend warriors and have home projects going, a project party at the couple’s home may be a great way to celebrate. Instead of giving gifts, give the gift of time! Invite friends and family to come and help finish the deck, plant the garden or paint the walls. Keep the food casual and lots of cold beverages on hand. The couple will be thankful for all the help and will most likely return the favor for guests when they have a project to complete.


Head to a beautiful beach or local lake. Plan a delicious picnic fare menu. You can play volleyball or baseball during the day and enjoy a beach fire at night. It’s a relaxing way to enjoy the day with friends and family. It’s a great idea for accommodating large groups.

Outdoor Adventure

If the couple loves the outdoors, arrange a group to go, mountain biking hiking, or , rock climbing. Plan for others to meet at the base camp and enjoy a picnic or bbq after the day’s adventure. If the weather won’t cooperate, considering renting an indoor rock wall at your local climbing gear outfitter.

Dinner Cruise

If you are lucky enough to live near water and have a decent sized budget, consider a dinner cruise. An evening on the water with great food and entertainment is a perfect way to celebrate with the happy couple.

Bowling Alley

Bowling alleys have gotten a little more upscale over the years. It’s always fun to bring out the competitor in your friends and family. Rent a couple of lanes out and divide the group into teams. Or you could even play men against women to really stir up the competition!

Restaurant – Private Room

Look into renting out a private dining area at the couple’s favorite restaurant. Create a menu for the group of just a few entree, appetizer, and salad choices. Be sure to ask what the minimum is to rent the room, many restaurant require the a certain dollar amount is spent.

Cheers t0 the the happy couple! A co-ed shower is a great way to celebrate with them. Check out more couples shower theme ideas.

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