Couples Shower Theme Ideas

Couples Shower Theme Ideas Blue Circle Invitation

Instead of spending a quiet afternoon opening gravy boats at your aunt’s house, imagine a fun-filled day spent with your fiance by your side laughing, enjoying good food and opening gifts. These days, couples’ showers are taking the place of traditional bridal showers. Hosting a couples’ shower doesn’t have to take the place of a traditional bridal shower. It can be held in addition to one. Although a theme isn’t always necessary for a couples shower, it can be a nice way to tie together custom couple shower invitations, decorations, food, and gift ideas. Here are few couples shower theme ideas from our PurpleTrail party experts.

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Couples Shower Theme Ideas

Perfect Pair:

This is a fun and easy theme to incorporate into your couples’ shower. You can decorate with a fresh pear centerpiece. Pears stacked in a clear hurricane or glass bowl look beautiful on a table. You can also bring this theme into your food choices by offering fresh pear slices along with some good cheese as well as by serving a pear tart. Incorporate lots of pictures of the couple, including baby and childhood photos that show just whey they are the perfect pair.

Round the Clock

This is a fun couples’ shower theme idea particularly for those couples who are moving into a new home together. The ideas is to assign each guest a different time of the day (breakfast time, afternoon, dinner, night,. etc.) and they then gift a gift to the couple based on the time of day. For morning time a great gift would be a french press and a bag of gourmet coffee. Or for evening maybe a great bottle of vodka and two martini glasses. Consider hosting a brunch time shower for this theme. This is a great way to help the couple stock up on their favorite things for their new home.

Made ‘Fore’ Each Other

A fun theme for golf enthusiasts! You can either decide to host the party at a golf club or simply set up the venue like a golf course. You can set up different food organizing them by “hole” and then set up the drink table as the 19th hole. Guests can go in on a nice gift of new clubs, a round at their favorite course or maybe a private lesson or two. Go with bistro style foods like hearty sandwiches, pasta salads and plenty of iced tea.

You Light Up My Life

Host an evening patio shower and decorate with lots of outdoor lights. Paper lanterns are always a great way to provide soft ambient light. Create a fire pit area where guests can gather. A great grilling menu will be perfect for this themed couples shower. Be sure to decorate with outdoor candles and lanterns. Guests can bring gifts for the couples patio to add to help create a welcoming, functional place to entertain.

Karaoke Night

For the outgoing couple who like to have a good time consider hosting a karaoke night shower. You can rent a karaoke machine or consider renting out a bar or restaurant’s karaoke area for a few hours. You can even create a great karaoke CD full of love song duets for the happy couple to perform together.  In the spirit of karaoke Japanese origins, consider serving sushi and sake at the shower.

Lucky in Love

Perhaps the couple will be enjoying a Las Vegas honeymoon, or maybe they just love to gamble. Either way, a casino night makes a perfect couples’ shower theme. Set up card tables and appoint a blackjack dealer and a poker dealer. Have other board games handy in case guests aren’t up for gambling. Guests can bring the couple traditional wedding gifts or things they think will bring the couple luck. Serve easy to eat finger foods like cheese and crackers, fruit and cookies.

An Evening with the Stars

This couples’ shower theme will be a huge hit. Have guests dress up like their favorite celebrity or movie character. Have them bring gifts of entertainment for the couple: theater tickets, concert tickets, DVDs, or accessories for their home entertainment system. Place bowls of movie theater popcorn out for guests to snack on.

Whatever theme you choose, enjoy the celebration! If you need more inspiration, check out more couples shower planning tips.


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