Flirty & Fun Bachelorette Party Games

A bachelorette party should be a light-hearted, fun experience full of laughter and love among family and friends. There are as many different versions of this classic rite of passage as there are brides-to-be. While traditionally a bachelorette party meant a final night of wild freedom, these days, some family members are often invited to the party, so it’s best to keep things equally spicy and sweet. These fun bachelorette party games are sure to keep your guests entertained without going over the top.

bachelorette party invitation
Pink Leopard Print and Lace bachelorette party invitation by PurpleTrail.

Take a Bow. As each guest arrives, tie a ribbon around their wrist. Every time the bride-to-be gets “thirsty,” she gets to walk up to the guest of her choice and untie the ribbon, signifying that the person of choice has to either buy her a drink or make her one if you’re celebrating at home. How many bows will the bride-to-be collect before she calls out for mercy? It will be fun to find out!  You can even find bow-themed bachelorette party invitations to tie the whole party together.

Categories. Make a list of wedding related categories, such as wedding dress designers, famous wedding movies and flavors of wedding cake. Go around the room and make every guest name an item in the designated category. Whoever take more than 10 seconds to think about it must perform a silly dare or punishment.

Finish His Sentence. Before the party, get together with the groom-to-be and have him write sentences about the bride with the end left blank. For example: “I love it when I come home and she is….” “My favorite thing to do with her is…” “My biggest pet peeve about her is…” Print off the sentences on cardstock, give one to each guest, and have them fill in how they think the groom would answer. The bride gets to play too! Whoever gets the most right answers is the winner.

Memory. Give each guest a post-it note and a pen. Everyone writes down a sweet, funny or embarassing memory they share with the bride-to-be. When everyone is done, they place the notes on a wall for the bachelorette to read. It’s up to her to remember who wrote which story and explain the story to the group…no matter how embarrassing it is!

Never Have I Ever. This drinking game is sure to get some conversation flowing! Each lady gets to complete the sentence, “Never have I ever…” with something that they have never personally done. Whoever has actually done what the girl said must take a sip of their drink.

Who Knows the Bachelorette? This game is a great way to test the knowledge of the bridal party to see how well they actually know the bride-to-be. Have the bachelorette write down a series of questions ranging from personal to funny. Then, have the party pick questions at random and try to answer them. The person who knows the bride-to-be the best wins!

bachelorette party invitation
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Banned Words. The idea behind the game is to “ban” wedding related words from being said during the party. As the guests arrive, let them know which words are banned: bride, honeymoon and wedding, for example. Every time someone says one of these words they have to either have a drink or accept a dare from the rest of the party. This is among our favorite fun bachelorette party games.

Lingerie Guessing Game. Turn this bridal standby into a fun party game by having each guest buy a piece of sexy or goofy lingerie in the bride’s size. Place everything into a bag and give the bag to the bachelorette. As she pulls them out one by one, she has to guess who got them for her. When she guesses wrong, she has to reveal an embarrassing or funny truth about herself.

Scavenger Hunt. If you’re going out on the town, come up with a list of items for the bride to find that range from the simple, like a lighter, to more complicated, like a printed pair of men’s boxers. There’s no need to steal the items- just document her finds with your smart phone!

If you’re staying in for the night, hide party store novelties like jewelry, candy, condoms, or even naughty toys around the house for your guests to find—just make sure to make a list of where you put everything so there are no surprises the next time you have guests over!

Most Likely To… This game is best played with a group who knows each other well. Create a set of cards with each guest’s name on one side, one for every person playing. Then have the maid of honor call out a category, like “Most Likely To…kiss a groomsman at the wedding!” Each guest will throw in the name of the person they think is most likely to do whatever has been said, and the person with the most votes gets to pick the next category. Have a list of ideas prepared in advance, so guests without something in mind don’t get confused and slow the game down.

The Bachelorette Checklist. An oldie but goodie, this game involves creating a checklist of everything the bride-to-be must do before the end of the evening. Typical items include wearing one her her lingerie tops to the bar, dancing with a cowboy, getting a man’s phone number or getting a guy to buy her a drink. Free printables are available online if you get stumped.

Use these fun bachelorette party games to add some spice and silliness to your next bachelorette party. We guarantee giggles, smiles and plenty of happy ladies. For a great collection of fully customizable bachelorette party invitations, make sure to check out PurpleTrail.


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