Class Reunion Venue Ideas – 5 Great Places to Reconnect

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So you are helping to plan your class reunion. Start by choosing a stylish class reunion invitations and then work on the location. Where is this mixing of old schoolmates going to take place? A reunion venue should be easy to find, close to lodging for out-of-towners, and big enough for everyone to circulate and have fun. Check out these class reunion venue ideas that we think are 5 great places to reconnect.

1. A Downtown Hotel

Granted, this may not be the most creative of venues but it may be the most functional. Things to consider when, selecting a hotel in the city of your Alma Mater,

  • How far from the airport is the hotel? Choose once close enough to the airport so people on a tight schedule don’t have too far to travel.
  • Choose a hotel that gives you the most bang for your buck. It doesn’t have to be a five star palace but it should be on the upper end of the star spectrum.
  • What amenities does it come with? Is there a ballroom with enough space for your expected turnout?
  • Is the hotel hosting any other events that same date? You want to make sure there are enough rooms for out of towners to stay in.
  • Food. Nothing ruins a gathering faster than bad food. Make sure you can select a decent menu within your budget to serve the reunion goers!

2. Charter a Boat

Bon Voyage! This may be a good venue for smaller groups with a larger budget. This is a fun way to mix and mingle with friends from your past. Dinner, dancing, music, and beautiful surroundings. The downfall, you can’t get off the boat early! If going this route, make sure there are, hotels nearby the boat launch. You don’t want people to have to travel too far to and from the boat.

3. A Movie Theater

Popcorn anyone? You can obtain movies that were popular the year you graduated to play in one or two theaters while the lobby can serve as the dining and dancing area (depending on the layout of the theater. This creates a relaxed, casual, fun environment for catching up. Make sure you select a theater large enough to accomodate your group

4. Cocktail Hour

If your group is small, why not find a local hot spot bar, to rent out for the evening? Some, establishments have, separate, rooms off the main bar area for just such occasions. Set a menu of light appetizers and few entree selections and you’ll be having fun before you know it. If possible, arrange a live band to play (preferably one who can do a few covers of songs from your graduating year).

5. Family Friendly- A, Neighborhood Park

If you are planning a class reunion to include, alumni and, their families, find a local park to host it. This type of venue may require, more, rented supplies than others. But, it’s a great way to incorporate the whole family. Things to think about when planning a, reunion in the park:

  • Rent large tents to, set up over food and for a safe, haven from the hot sun (or, bouts of, rain!).
  • If the park isn’t supplied with ample seating and tables, be sure to rent more tables and chairs.
  • Keep the food simple. Think picnic fare. Look into a local, BBQ restaurant to cater the event.
  • Plan, a few kid friendly games to keep everyone involved.

Once you get the venue selected it’s time to starting work on all the other reunion details! Check out our other, PurpleTrail reunion related articles.

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