Class Reunion Decoration Ideas

Despite advances in technology and social media, there’s nothing quite like catching up with an old friend in person. Class reunions are a great time to reconnect with people from your past, find out what’s new in their lives and even make new friends.  From the class reunion invitations to the decorations and entertainment, you’ll want to make it an evening to remember.

Decorating for a class reunion in a fun but daunting task. You’ll want to incorporate the past and the present to create an environment that will keep reunion attendees talking all night. The PurpleTrail party planners have been to their share of reunions and are happy to offer their class reunion decoration ideas.

Class Reunion Invitations

PurpleTrail offers a wide variety of class reunion invitations. Browse them for ideas for themes and color patterns for your reunion. Since you’ll need to send out invitations long before the reunion, make sure to order your invitations before you start shopping for decorations.


Vertical Blue Stripe High School Class Reunion invitation
Vertical blue stripe class reunion invitation

Class Reunion Decoration Ideas

The Basics:

  • Create a color scheme. Using your school colors is an obvious option, but it’s not necessary. Pick two or three colors that look good together.
  • An easy option is to decorate the entry way of the venue with balloons in your color scheme.
  • Create a table where people can look at the yearbooks from all 3 year or 4 years. Accent it with trophies from your graduating year along with sports uniforms/jerseys. This will make a great ice breaker!
  • Have a check in station and create name tags. You don’t want people struggling to remember names all night!
Balloon arch
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Remembering Passed Friends:

Create an area with pictures and words of remembrance for those classmates who’ve passed. A good way to do this is to set up a small table with photos of your classmates who have passed away. Set out small memory books with pens and have everyone write their memories and well wishes for the family. After the reunion, give these books to the families of the deceased  as a gift. They’ll appreciate knowing their loved one will always be remembered.

Pictures Perfect:

  • If you’ve got a great class reunion planning committee, as people RSVP, ask them to send in pictures of themselves now. You can create a “now and then” board to post. This is a great conversation piece!
  • Find pictures of the senior class president, prom king and queen, favorite teachers etc. Create a memory board with captions about these people.
  • For a more elegant way of incorporating pictures of your classmates, turn them into centerpieces. Frame them, glue the frames together and surround them with rose petals or confetti and candles.
photo centerpieces
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In the News:

Find newspaper clippings of world events of your graduation year and create a poster. Include important events that were happening for your school (basketball championships, scholarship recipients etc.) You should be able to contact your school newspaper for archives. Attendees will enjoy finding themselves on the board!

Table Centerpieces:

  • Make each table different. Use trophies for one table, a graduation cap for another. Place a framed picture of the entire class (should be attainable in your yearbook). Find pictures from class dances of couples and frame for centerpieces. Be creative! Anything that inspires memories and laughter are sure to be a hit for your class reunion decorations.
  • Fill vases with flowers in your color scheme, place them on small mirrors and surround them with candles for an upscale look.
  • Create centerpieces with candy dishes. You can raffle them off at the end of the evening, or better yet, present them to the winners of the night’s awards (Most changed, most successful, etc.)
Other ideas
photo booth sign
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  • Have a photo booth, professional or DIY. Photo booths are fun, especially with props!
  • When you send out the invitations, ask your classmates to RSVP with a song request. When the DJ plays their song, they’re guaranteed to get on the dance floor.
  • Make small time capsules for each table, filled with little trinkets from your high school years such as cassette tapes or candy.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our class reunion decoration ideas. Planning a reunion takes time and effort, especially for a large class, but getting everyone together for a celebration of how far you’ve come is a rewarding experience. After you’ve decorated for the perfect party, your classmates will leave the reunion feeling excited for the next one.

Planning a class reunion? Check out our Reunion Planning Timetable post to help you out!


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