Circus Party Ideas For Kids

Circus Party Invitation

Throwing a circus themed birthday party is a wonderful way to celebrate your child’s birthday. We’ve put together some great circus birthday party ideas to help you plan the most magnificent circus birthday party ever. From circus birthday invitations to circus inspired party food and games, you’ll find the inspiration you need. The great thing about this theme is that you can really pull it together for a variety of ages. Check out these fabulous circus party ideas.

Circus Party Ideas

Kids Birthday Circus Theme

Circus Birthday Invitations. Set the tone for a big top birthday with darling circus themed birthday invitations. Blue and red are classic circus colors and are highlighted in these cute kids birthday invitations. Great accent colors can include pink, green, and yellow. The circus is all about the animals so you should definitely have an animal presence somewhere on your invites. Send out your invitations three weeks prior to your party date to make sure everyone knows that the birthday circus is coming to town.

Circus Party Decorations. Balloons are a must have decoration item for a circus party. If you are able to host an outdoor party, create an archway of balloons to welcome everyone in. For the tables, cut balloon strings to table length and place them on tables or one the main buffet table as a centerpiece. Use those adorable stuffed animals your children have too! Place them on tables and even create circus train cars out of shoe boxes to show off your circus animal collection. Primary colors are the way to go with circus theme decorations. For the gift table, create a able set up like a carnival game. It can be as simple as a poster board sign hanging above the table. Be on the lookout for vintage circus and carnival posters too. You might see them in second hand or antique stores or you may even find some online. They will make a great addition to your decorations.

Circus Party Food. A circus party isn’t typically the venue for health food. Popcorn, peanuts, hot dogs, cotton candy, candied apples, soft pretzels, oh my! You could offer a mix of both traditional circus fare and healthy snacks. Make paper cones filled with cucumber and carrot sticks and serve a yogurt ranch dressing or hummus for dip. Try peanut butter covered apples instead of caramel and use air popped popcorn instead of popcorn popped in oil. Serve lemonade with crazy straws to please a thirsty crowd of circus-goers. As for cotton candy, there isn’t really a good substitute for spun sugar, but birthdays are a special occasion. Giant lollipops and fried dough also make delicious additions to a circus themed extravaganza!

Circus Party Games. There is so much fun to be had when planning circus party games! Think of all the fun carnival games you played as a kid and modify them for home play. When each child arrives, give them game tickets that they can use at any game booth. You can find spools of tickets at any party supply store. Set up each game booth in a different area. If your party location doesn’t allow for this, just choose two or three activities to rotate through. Stock up on some inexpensive circus prizes like small stuffed animals, silly glasses, candy, balloons, bouncy balls and bubbles for game winners. Here are a few game ideas:

  • Feed the Animal. You can blow up a photo of your child’s favorite circus animal (lion, tiger, bear, elephant). Make sure the mouth of the animal your choose is depicted in a way that allows you to cut out the mouth. Get a box that has an opening about as big as the poster. cut both ends off and secure the poster to the box. Set the box on a table. Give each child three tries to throw the bean bag into the animal’s mouth. Having the top and the bottom of the box open will make it easy to retrieve bean bags.
  • Gold fish Toss. Go to your local dollar store and purchase about 5 to 10 wide mouth vases. Fill them up with water and a plastic goldfish (or any fish). Give kids three ping pong balls to toss into the goldfish bowls. If they get them in, instead of goldfish as a prize, have an extra toy on hand to hand out.
  • Ring toss. Hit your recycle bin for some glass bottles and set about 10 to 15 bottles up ( or more if you like). Get some medium sized plastic rings for kids to toss and let them see how many they can get!
  • Squirt Gun Bottle Knock Over. Dig through your recycling again but this time pull out aluminum cans and/or plastic bottles. Set them up on a table in a line. Bring out the super soakers and let kids try to knock down as many bottles as they can with one round of water.
  • Nerf gun target shooting. Set up a target and let each child try for a bullseye with a nerf gun. The suction cup darts will be best for this game.

Circus Party Favors.  Party favors are a nice way of thanking your little guests for coming to your circus. A simple party favor idea is to wrap thank you for coming tags on boxes of animal crackers and then let each guest also take a balloon. If you are not giving out prizes for games, you can fill goodie bags with things like animal stickers, temporary tattoos, bouncy balls, popcorn balls, oversized pens and other fun novelty items.

A circus birthday party is a fabulous theme for any kid’s birthday. You can modify any of these circus party ideas to be age-appropriate. Have fun with this theme and make it about your child’s favorite parts of the circus! Elephant rides, trapeze artists,and flame throwers are optional.


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