Cinderella Party Ideas

Get the princess party invitations ready. Many children love Cinderella (especially if they’re between the ages of 4 and 7) and the Disney movie is a classic. Little girls are intrigued by the idea of having a glass slipper fit their little foot as the key to being swept away by the prince. There are all sorts of magical elements to the story that can be incorporated into your daughter’s Cinderella party.


Pink Cloudy Castle Princess Birthday Invite by
Pink Cloudy Castle Princess Birthday Invite by


When the kids first arrive at the Cinderella party, make it true to the movie. Have the kids grab brooms and dust cloths and work away as the guests finish arriving. You can introduce this activity as the mean stepmother who forces Cinderella to work hard. It will keep your guests busy and get them into the party theme as they await the magic that is about to happen.

Go to a thrift store and purchase inexpensive pretty dress-up princess outfits. When all the guests have arrived, so have their fairy godmothers! With outfits galore, have the girls enjoy changing out of their ordinary clothes and into their princess gowns! You can also provide costume jewelry, lip-gloss, and fancy shoes. Or, on your party invitation, ask the guests to dress in “rags” and to bring a long a dress or skirt to transform into.

If you are also inviting boys, they can dress as a prince.

Decorate the party room as a ballroom. Use silver and pearly white balloons. Another idea would be painting cardboard characters from the movie and placing them around the area. Make a pumpkin patch area for the fairy godmother as well. The party table can be quite fancy, with plastic champagne glasses for pink lemonade. At each place setting, as a goody, provide a clear plastic slipper filled with candies and wrapped in tulle with a silk ribbon. This is a very cute party table decoration and a lovely goody!

Once they are dressed, have the guests make a few crafts: a special wand and a little crown for them to wear with their outfits. Boys can make crowns and vests to wear as their crafts.

Take a picture of each guest with the birthday kid all dressed up. These can be used in the thank you cards.

Play Cinderella’s royal music and have the kids dance in the ballroom.

Play Pin the Star on The Fairy Godmother.

Play a game similar to a Cake Walk, and have the kids try to land on Prince Charming.

Blow up balloons with a fancy ring inside. Have the kids pop them to find their royal surprise!

Play Match the Slipper. Buy different pairs of slippers and hide one of the pairs to be found. Or better yet, hide a glass slipper to be found!

Have a Gold Coin Treasure Hunt.  This is a great party for an actual Cinderella character to attend to entertain the kids. Definitely ask what sort of activities she will do with them. This could range from making necklaces and bracelets with beads to dancing lessons to playing princess games. If you hire an entertainer, she should entertain the kids for 45 minutes to an hour. She may also bring the goody bag.

Enjoy star-shaped cookie wands!

With dreams of glass slippers, fairy godmothers and the prince, your birthday child will be utterly enchanted by her special day! Enjoy!

Submitted by Lisa Kothari

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