Christmas Party Themes for Your Special Christmas Eve

Christmas time is here! Peace, love and best wishes make this time all the more glorious and full of fun. , Proper selection of a theme for the special event can add up to the party excitement and boost some thrill into the party. Here is a collection of, interesting Christmas party themes to add to, your holiday party. Don’t forget to design sensational holiday party invitations too!

Christmas Party Invitations


Christmas Party Theme Ideas

Under the Sea:

If you plan to opt for this party theme decorate the venue as it might be under the sea using props and articles like cloth seaweeds, seashells, corals etc. If possible plan the menu with variety of delicious sea food.

White Christmas:

All of us love to enjoy and party hard. Here is a great way to make this Christmas eve special by selecting this white Christmas theme. Even if you don’t have snowfall around Christmas, you can still celebrate a white Christmas by making it the theme of your Christmas party. Ask all the guests to come dressed in white color and decorate each and every thing, including the Christmas tree, in white.,

Reindeer’s Party:

This is a nice fun theme where you ask all your guest to bring reindeer horns along. You can also keep some craft material ready for the kids. In case they may want to make them on their own. Keep everyone amused by asking them to act like a reindeer and organize a quiz that involves questions regarding Christmas and reindeer’s.



This party theme would be more appropriate for an adult party, then for children. This party theme lends itself to games. One has people name a particular holiday movie based on one or two lines from the film. Another would be to have guests answer multiple choice questions about several Christmas movies. The possibilities for games related to Christmas movies are almost endless.

Do not forget to inform your guest about the party theme before hand. The best way is to send them invitations couple of days earlier and mention the party details in it so that they come prepared.

We hope you enjoyed our Christmas party theme ideas.

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