Christmas Party Game Ideas

Throwing a Christmas party? Start by sending festive holiday party invitations. For entertainment, try any of these seven Christmas party games. Adjust them to the needs and ability levels of your group. They are sure to liven up your Christmas celebration!

Christmas Party Invitations

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Christmas Party Game Ideas

Entertainment will make or break a party. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of excellent Christmas party game ideas. Incorporate these games into your celebration and your party will be a success. Keep your guests cheerfully entertained this holiday season with these fun and festive Christmas party game ideas. Feel free to alter the games to fit the interests and age group of your guests.

  • A Caroling We Go Have everyone write down their favorite Christmas carol. Each person only needs to write down one song. It can be any song EXCEPT Jingle Bells. Then have everyone write down five different numbers between 1-20 (depending on the group size). Start calling out numbers, and the people who have that number have to sing their favorite carol that they wrote on their paper. Encourage people to sing whole heartedly! After someone has all five numbers they wrote down called, they win. The kicker is that the winner must stand up and belt out Jingle Bells while doing a dance of their choice to receive their prize. If it’s a shy group, you can give little prizes in the middle of the game for most unenthusiastic singing, best solo, most original song, most off-key etc.
  • Christmas Charades Have everyone submit a Christmas related movie, book, theme, character, etc. and divide into 2 teams. Try to split to groups evenly of those who love to be center stage and those who may be more timid. Give a way small awards for people- not just prizes for the winning team. Award ideas – Most Creative submission, Best Actor/Actress, Worst Actor/Actress, Longest Title submitted, Fastest Answerer.
  • Human Christmas Tree Divide the group into small teams (4-5 members) One member of the team volunteers to be the tree. Each team is given scissors, construction paper, aluminum foil, and tape. They are given 5 minutes to decorate their “tree,” and the person with the most beautiful tree wins. Before beginning, elect one impartial guest act as judge for this game (an honor for any child or elderly guest who doesn’t want to participate in the decorating).
  • Santas Hat This game can start as soon as people, start arriving. You’ll need a Santa hat for each guest. As people enter the room, hand them a Santa hat and instruct them to keep it on until they see you take yours off. Once everyone is wearing a hat, mingle and engage in conversation until everyone starts to forget about the game. Once your guests are adequately distracted, subtlety remove your hat and wait to see who catches on and does the same. The last guest to have his hat on is the loser, and can be the one to start the next round.

  • Lost Reindeer This is a great game for kids. Before the party, get a number of small, plastic or stuffed reindeer and hide them throughout the house (anywhere you want guest traffic). Make some of them easy to find and others more difficult. Tell the children that Santas reindeer have been lost somewhere in the house, and it is their job to find them. Each reindeer that is found can be exchanged for a small party favor.
  • Tied Together This is a game for teams of two, regardless of age. Select a person who’ll be the present judge. After people pair up, each team member stands side by side. The person on the left has his right hand tied to the left hand of the person next to him (tie inside hands together). Each team is given a box, wrapping paper, ribbon, scissors, and tape. With only one hand each, they have to completely wrap the package and tie it with a bow. The team that wraps the package the fastest and with the most accuracy (as decided by the present judge), wins.
  • Two by Two A perfect ice-breaker for all ages, and is ideal for crowds who are not shy. It is a loud game that will get everyone laughing. Everyone stands in two parallel lines facing each other, a fair distance apart. Each person in line is given a piece of paper with an animal on it. Matching pieces of paper are given to each person in the opposite line. After being given a few minutes to think, at the word “go,” everyone acts like their assigned animal flapping their wings, stomping their hooves, howling like a monkey and tries to find their “mate” on the opposite side of the room. The main rule to this game is no talking!

Games are a great thing to incorporate in any gathering. Pick the one that’s right for you! Happy Holidays! Have a great Christmas party game idea? Share it with us! You can email us at We hope you enjoyed our fabulous Christmas party game ideas! Have fun celebrating! Merry Christmas!



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