Christmas Letter Ideas

Sending a Christmas letter to your extended family and friends is a wonderful way to fill them in on everything your family has done throughout the year. Instead of a plain sheet of paper or your standard design, let our Christmas letter ideas inspire you to send your best year-in-review yet.

Christmas Letter Ideas: The Tradition

In a modern world full of electronic communication, sending a traditional Christmas letter along with, or instead of, your greeting cards makes a nice personal gesture. These letters have been going out during the holiday season for hundreds of years, long before the internet existed. Sending out “holiday greetings” was a custom even before the Christmas card became one! Typically a Christmas letter includes updates on each individual family member: Dad’s health, Mom’s promotion and the kids’ school achievements, plus news about the entire family such as travels and moves. The goal is to fill everyone in without seeming boastful, always ending by wishing the reader well.

Creative Christmas Letter Ideas

Shop our Christmas Letter collection to determine which style is right for you. Then, get inspired by one of our creative Christmas letter ideas.

From the Baby

You’ve been working hard, let the baby write the Christmas Letter this year! Your loved ones will think it’s adorable.

Christmas Letter Infographic

This infographic style of Christmas letter is very modern and on trend with recent styles in stationery. And the best part? It’s quick and easy to fill out. The graphic style is clean and guides you through the yearly updates – or change the text to create your own sections.

A Letter from Santa Himself

Nudge along the magic of the Christmas season with this fun and personalized letter from Santa. Your little one will be in awe when they receive a congratulatory note from jolly old St. Nick.

Year in Numbers

You do a lot of things in a year. Try conveying them in numbers this year for a good laugh and a great letter.

Holiday Wrap Up

Create a fun synopsis of the family’s comings and goings.

Top 10 of the Year

If you don’t have a lot of time to create paragraphs of updates on your year, a top 10 list is perfect. Simply outline the top happenings for your family ranked in order. Funny or serious, they’ll be easy to read and quick to do!


From the Dog Christmas Letter

Do you ever wonder what your family life looks like from the perspective of the dog? Let it be the dog’s day to write up the holiday letter!

Who doesn’t like pictures?

Tell a story in pictures with Christmas Booklet Card.

christmas letter idea - timeline cards

Other Christmas Letter Ideas & Tips

Here are some other tips to make your Christmas letter shine:

  • Keep it positive! Don’t start off by saying you can’t believe another year has come and gone… no one can! Start with something happier, such as “As we enter another holiday season, it’s such a blessing to be able to sit down and reflect on all the good this year has brought us.”
  • Keep your audience in mind. This can be a real challenge, especially if you send your letter to your 19-year-old niece in college and your 96-year-old grandmother. Keep the language fairly simple and stick with stories everyone will want to hear. For example, tell them about your trip to Hawaii, not the office politics involved in your new job.
  • Don’t embellish. There will always be someone who seems “better off.” Stick to the facts… your life is just great!
  • Get personal. Tell your loved ones how much they mean to you and wish them well in the new year.
  • Brief is best. We know you’d like to go into great detail, but remember that people’s attention spans get short during the holidays.

We hope you have found some great Christmas letter ideas here. From our team to yours, happy holidays!

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