Chinese New Year Party Ideas

As you prepare your Chinese New Year invitations, take a look at some great Chinese New Year party ideas. If you’re the slightest bit superstitious, you’ll take the opportunity of another New Year celebration to do what you can to invite good luck into your life. Attract prosperity, abundance, success and good fortune by hosting a party during the Chinese New Year. Be creative and have fun!

Chinese New Year Party Ideas

Chinese Traditions: For welcoming the New Year and creating good fortune keep the following in mind:

  • Clean your home as thoroughly as possible during the days preceding the New Year to sweep away the bad luck of the year that’s ending.
  • DO NOT clean your home during the first few days of the New Year. You do not want to risk sweeping away the good luck of the New Year.
  • Brooms and dustpans must be stored out of sight before New Years Day to prevent good fortune from being swept away.
  • Try to see as many of your family and friends as possible and fill your home with loved ones, laughter and light during the New Year celebration to spread good wishes for the coming year.
  • Don’t cry on that day or raise your voice to your children or you’ll be setting a tone of discord for the coming year.
  • When your guests arrive, encourage them to take off their shoes and walk softly into your home as it invites a smooth transition into the New Year.
  • Ban white. White represents death and mourning. Don’t serve White Russians and nothing with cream.

Chinese New Year Invitations


Chinese New Year Invitations:

  • Create unique, bright, colorful invitations to entice fun guests. Import different images from the web or your collection
  • Write invitations on a home-made paper lantern or the shape of a Chinese dragon (use red construction paper) and write “Gung Hay Fat Choy!” (Happy New Year)

Chinese New Year Party Ideas -, Decorations: Decorate your home in red, the Chinese color for good luck.

  • Use red ribbon to wrap around the branches of the indoor plants.
  • Buy some Chinese lucky characters and paste them upside down. You can hang paper cuts on doors and windows.
  • For added flare, dust gold confetti over a black tablecloth. Burn Red & Gold Candles.
  • Peonies symbolize love, affection and beauty and are known in China as “Flowers of Riches and Honor.” Float them in glass bowls or sprinkle them across your table.
  • Try stringing a flower garland to ornament your mantels or doorways.
  • Adorn your ceilings with red and black balloons tied with long gold ribbons.
  • Line your walkway with traditional Chinese lanterns to draw light and luck — along with your friends and family — straight into your home.

Party Food: Serve and eat as many lucky foods, like whole fish, noodles and mandarin oranges, as possible on the New Year. If you’re not adventurous enough to cook Chinese food, most Chinese restaurants offer special New Year menus. Make up for your culinary faux pas by serving Outrageous Orange or Double Chocolate gourmet fortune cookies.

Beverage: If you are concerned about it being a “school night” then serve Chinese tea. If not, serve Chinese beer or select one Asian influenced mixed drink. Here are a few ideas:

  • Stock the basics. Beer, wine, vodka, rum and whiskey. If you are running low on funds, just beer and wine will suffice.
  • To the Chinese, oranges and tangerines represent wealth, luck and abundant happiness. Some examples of orange drinks are Orange Martini, Screwdriver and Fuzzy Navel.
  • Coconuts represent togetherness. Consider traditional Pina Coladas (coconut-flavored rum with pineapple juice) or, for the more daring, the Blue Coconut (coconut-flavored rum, lemon-lime soda and Blue Curacao).
  • Think Red. The color red means happiness. Mix a batch of Bloody Marys or red sangria.
  • Make pitchers. Any drink that does not contain a carbonated mixture can be made in pitchers ahead of time, covered and stored in your refrigerator.

Chinese New Year Party Ideas – Activities:

Chinese Zodiac Game : You can use Chinese Zodiac Game Cards to play some games. You can print the cards from this link, or buy them. Then use the cards for these games:

  • Play Find Your Partner: Pin one of each pair of cards to each guest’s back and send them off to find their partner – but they must first figure out who they are by asking questions which can be answered only by Yes or No.
  • Have a Treasure Hunt. A simple way to play is to see who can find the most cards. To make the game harder, print out both sets of cards: give one color to the guest and tell them to hunt for the matching card in the other color.

Teach Your Friends to Use Chopsticks

  • First: The sticks are attached, but sectioned up the middle. Simply pull each end away from the other. Dont twist them apart or try a fancy way of snapping them; you wouldnt want a few splinters to hinder your dining experience! Once separated, you can rub the sticks together to smooth any rough edges.
  • The Base Stick: Place one stick so that it is cradled between the base of your thumb and forefinger. Hold it in place with the tip of your middle finger, as though you were holding a pencil.
  • The Pivot Stick: Position the next chopstick so that it is pinned against the side of your index finger by the end of your thumb. Make sure the ends of the two sticks line up.
  • The Pick-Up: Holding the base chopstick firmly in place, place a small amount of pressure on the Pivot Stick using the tip of your thumb as its base and your index finger to entice movement. The chopsticks should move like a pair of tweezers with the end of the Pivot Stick moving toward the end of the Base Stick. Slowly try to pick up a big piece of Orange Flavored Chicken, and then go for a small bite of your Kung Pao Chicken. Once youre a pro, try for a single grain of rice!

Chinese New Year Party Ideas –  Favors:

  • Give out money packets – On New Years day, everyone receives leisee – red packets decorated with gold symbols and filled with “lucky money”. Or you could use small red envelopes which are usually inscribed in black with one of four Chinese characters signifying wealth, prosperity, abundance and long life.
  • Give a red & gold gift bag filled with 3 Chinese coins tied with red thread; oranges; fortune cookies; chocolate coins; and gold ingots.
  • You could also give a small stuffed animal of the year.
  • Wrap chopsticks in a red napkin and tie them together with shimmering gold ribbon.


May your Chinese New Year celebration bring you lots of luck in the new year!

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