Captain America Birthday Party Ideas

red, white and blue party table

Get your red, white and blue outfits ready! Captain America is one of the infamous Marvel Comic characters that was turned into  a major motion picture, Captain America – First Avenger. Is your child a fan of Captain America? Consider hosting a Captain America birthday party. Always a sight to see, Captain America birthday parties are a fun and patriotic pastime. Party planning expert, Lisa Kothari, has offered her tips on how to pull it off. These ideas will help you host a fun party your child’s friends will always remember.

Captain America Birthday Party Invitations

For DIY invitations, send a Patriotic Invitation Mask to your guests. Purchase inexpensive paper masks made of stock white paper. On the inside of the masks, write your party details and on the outside have your birthday child draw patriotic flags, stars, stripes, etc. Request that your guests wear their masks to your party.

PurpleTrail has a large collection of custom birthday invitations. Since each of their designs can be fully personalized, a 4th of July invitation can easily become a Captain America birthday party invitation.


Patriotic Torch Kid's Birthday Invitation by
Patriotic Torch Kid’s Birthday Invitation by


Captain America Birthday Party Decorations

red, white and blue party table
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For your party decorations, keep it all red, white and blue. This should be a very easy task, especially if you have some Fourth of July decorations at home. Captain America is a fairly popular birthday theme and many party stores sell inexpensive party kits including plates, napkins, cups and wall decorations. Hang an American flag on the wall for an extra-patriotic touch. Pick out a red or blue tablecloth for the party table and add some star confetti.

Captain America Birthday Party Activities

  • When your guests arrive, in order to build up their perfect Captain America strengths and powers, give them a shot of Super Soldier Serum and Vita Ray. Use any type of sports drink for the serum and a chewable vitamin for the Vita Ray. Replace the labels on the sport drink with your own with Super Soldier Serum printed on them.
  • Captain America can run a mile in a minute. Hold races to see how far your party guests can run in a minute.
  •  Captain America can also bench press 1100 lbs. Using small weights, have the kids lift them as a contest among one another. Or divide the kids into 2 teams and have them carry the small weights back and forth as a relay race.
  • Play a game of Freeze Tag.
  • Just like Captain America carries, have the kids make a large disc-shaped shield to protect themselves from harm. Use heavy pieces of large construction paper wrapped in aluminum foil and decorated with red, white and blue mini flags for patriotism. These would be great to take home as party favors too.
  • Create a Captain America Obstacle Course with chairs, tables and items you have around your home. Let the kids do it as many times as they like for fun.
  • Consider a Captain America pinata… or, better yet, buy a pinata and name it after a Captain America villian!

Captain America Birthday Party Food

For your Captain America birthday party, serve a patriotic menu with hot dogs and hamburgers with all of the fixins, French fries and a rocket pop drink or a blue punch. Add in some healthy treats like red, white and blue fruit skewers with strawberries, blueberries and bananas. For dessert, serve cupcakes topped with red, white and blue icing or create a Captain America shield cake. This blogger shows you how.

Captain America Birthday Party Favors

Sending your little superheroes home with party favors is a nice way to thank them for coming to the party. Here are a few ideas:

  • Send each child home with the mask they’ve created during the party.
  • Red, white and blue bags filled with pencils, temporary tattoos and other small trinkets.
  • Bake them Captain America cake pops to take home.
  • Red, white and blue frisbees that look like Captain America’s shield.
  • Purchase these Captain America cups and fill them with small goodies like balloons, stickers and candy.
  • Avengers necklaces.

Superheroes come in all ages and a Captain America birthday party is sure to be a hit with the younger crowd. We hope these party tips and ideas have inspired you to host your best bash yet.

Submitted by Lisa Kothari

Lisa Kothari is the Founder and President of Peppers and Pollywogs, a kids party planning company.

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