Calendar Templates: New Designs, Why They’re Awesome, & Ways to Make Them Better

Whether you’re interested in creating a custom photo calendar for yourself, or one as a gift for a friend or family member, let PurpleTrail help you make it wonderful with our outstanding calendar templates and amazing customization options. Here we’ll feature some of our new calendar designs, fill you in on why they’re so awesome, and give you few tips on how you can make them even better.

Black And Cream Vintage Frame Photo Wall Calendar

Add As Many Photos As You Like

The best thing about our gorgeous collection of photo calendar templates is that you can add an unlimited number of photos to them. Add a photo to every date if you want — we won’t charge you extra! We designed our custom calendar templates so each page can showcase either a very large photograph or a number of your favorites (each page is 11 x 8.5). The design process is convenient and as simple as possible, so you can enjoy your graphic design experience to the fullest.

Mark Special Occasions With Notes, Embellishments, and Photos

You can also mark holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions with detailed text, embellishments, and photos. With important dates highlighted, you’ll never forget a friend’s birthday or a meaningful event again. This is a perfect way to organize you thoughts, ambitions, and future goals!

Black And Emerald Damask Photo Wall Calendar

Check out the neat and tidy calendar above — it’s filled with important dates, notes, and great attention grabbing photos, yet it still looks clear enough to read. This is a great template to follow when you’re designing your own custom photo calendar!

Choose From Our Vast Collection of Stylish Calendar Templates

Peruse our broad assortment of drop-dead-gorgeous designs. From modern, bold, and colorful to simple and rustic — our collection of calendar templates has a design for every taste and personality.

Best Quality — Great Paper and Masterful Printing

We’ll print your photo calendar on high-quality, heavy card stock and bind the 13 page calendar with a sturdy black plastic coil. Our print team will diligently review your order before carefully printing it out and packaging it by hand. We take pride in our service and try to make your personalized item the best it can be!

Ways to Jazz Up Your Photo Calendars

Now that we’ve gone into detail about why our calendar templates are so awesome, here are a few fun ways you can make your calendars even better.

Chalkboard Chevron Wall Photo Calendar

Add Your Instagram Photos: If you’re an Instagram fiend, consider creating a calendar that features your very best Instagram shots.

Make It a Personalized Gift: Our calendar templates make wonderful holiday gifts! Create a beautiful calendar catered specifically to your loved one’s tastes. Fill the calendar with things they love, photos they love, and memories the two of you have shared. If this is a gift for a boyfriend or girlfriend — include love poems, a reason you love them on each page, and your favorite romantic photographs.

Create a Themed Calendar: Center your custom photo calendar around a specific theme. Dedicate all 13 pages to your adorable pet, your wedding, or the vacation you took last year. Include inspiring quotes, important details, and favorite memories related your theme.

Good Luck!

Hopefully these tips help you create an outstanding calendar you’ll cherish all year long! If you’re creating this calendar for the holidays — check out these top 10 Christmas photo ideas for photo inspiration! Great photos are the key to a beautiful calendar.

Also, keep in mind that you can start your calendar on any month — so no need to wait until January, start designing your very own calendar today. Best of luck and have fun designing!

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