Budget Friendly 1st Birthday Party Ideas

1st birthdays are momentous occasions that deserve an extravagant celebration. If you’re planning for an upcoming 1st birthday, here are some tips you can use to organize a great celebration without busting the bank. Don’t worry —  just because you’ll be saving money, doesn’t mean you’ll be sacrificing the quality of your child’s celebration. We’ll help you find top-of-the-line cheap first birthday invites, decor, and entertainment for a reasonable price. Give your child the celebration they deserve (and that you can afford) with these spectacular budget friendly 1st birthday party tips.

budget friendly 1st birthday party ideas
Super cute little girl eating her 1st birthday cake.

Budget Friendly 1st Birthday Themes

When planning for any celebration you’ll want to start by selecting a theme. Your theme can be as simple as a color scheme, or something a bit more in-depth — like a topic, such as: dinosaurs, safari, pirates, princess, Disney, or perhaps a holiday themed party. Your invitations, decoration, favors, and entertainment will all correlate with your theme, so choose your motif wisely.

Budget Friendly 1st Birthday Invites

Create custom, cheap first birthday invitations that match your theme perfectly. Take a look at InviteShop.com for more information — they offer top-quality custom invites for a very reasonable price. Incorporate your cutest baby photos, clever wording, and your celebration’s theme into your custom invites. Take a look at the cute budget friendly 1st birthday invite below for design inspiration.

Lucky One St. Patrick's Day First Birthday Invitation
Lucky One St. Patrick’s Day First Birthday Invitation

If you’re willing to spend a little bit more on your invitations, considering creating long-lasting custom 1st birthday magnet invitations instead of short lived paper invites. Magnet keepsakes are perfect for a special occasion like a first birthday, because they leave friends and family with a durable and practical memento of this special occasion that they can hold on to for years to come. Custom magnets can be made at Purpletrail.com.

Budget Friendly 1st Birthday Venue

If you’re looking for the most frugal venue option for your child’s approaching first birthday, consider holding the celebration in the comfort of your own home. Or, for a summer birthday — your backyard, a nearby park, or beach are all great choices that are free.

Opting for a at-home celebration has many benefits, including: you wont have to worry about reserving a venue (or paying for one!), most of your guests will already know where you live, and best of all — you wont have to worry about transporting decorations, your baby, food, or gifts.

Budget Friendly 1st Birthday Decor

There are many ways to save money on decor. Start by using items you already have. Avoid purchasing disposable dinner ware — use glass dinner ware you already have on hand. Use cloth tablecloths or fabric you already have — instead of going out and purchasing tablecloths especially for your party.

budget friendly 1st birthday party ideas
Don’t opt for disposable plates and cups — go with plastic or glass dinnerware you already have on hand.

Considering taking time to make your own decorations. It wont take you very long to make your own paper garland, banners, and photo collages. Consider purchasing decor accessories from thift stores or goodwill instead of at department stores. You’ll be surprised at how much money this will save you.

You can dress secondhand items up with a thin coat of spray paint. Try painting glass vases with a color that fits your theme. Let them dry and add fresh flowers for a chic, yet very affordable table centerpiece. Purchase a bunch of old photo frames from Goodwill, add a fresh coat of spray paint, and tuck your favorite baby photos inside. Set up a photo frame at each table for a fun addition to your centerpiece.

budget friendly 1st birthday party ideas
Spray paint secondhand decorations to make them your own.

Fill up your party room with bright balloons. Balloons are very cheap, so get creative and use them to add color and fun to your party area. There are a hundred different things your can do with balloons. Here are only a few suggestions: create colorful balloon garland, make your own balloon centerpieces, or fasten balloons together to create a festive archway. For more balloon decoration ideas, take a look at this 11 DIY Balloon Decor Ideas article.

Budget Friendly 1st Birthday Entertainment

Set up an arts and crafts table for your young guests. Print out free coloring pages and set up a variety of colored pencils, crayons, and markers for the kids to use. Purchase or make your pinata, fill it up with candy, and have the kids take turns trying to break it open.

budget friendly 1st birthday party ideas
Make a pinata. It will double as entertainment and decor.

Prepare a game of trivia for the adults. In advance, prepare a long list of trivia questions (the questions can go along with your theme) and answers. As the party winds down, organize your guests into teams. Ask the questions and award the winning team with a small prize. Everyone loves trivia and it’s a practically free form of entertainment.

Budget Friendly 1st Birthday Favors

Baked goods, handmade bath salt, and candles are all very budget friendly 1st birthday favor options. Whip up a batch of your favorite cookies, stick them inside cute containers, and attach a recipe card. Pass out the goodie bags to all of your guests as they leave. Or, try creating your own bath salts using simple household materials. Find out how via this DIY Gifts article. Candles are also fairly easy to make. Learn how to make your own candles via this DIY Candles Hacks article.

budget friendly 1st birthday party ideas
DIY bath salt favors.

When deciding on a party favor, try to keep it in line with your theme. And, remember, your favors by no means should be extravagant. Rather, they should merely be a simple gift that shows your appreciation for your guests love and support.

Budget Friendly 1st Birthday

Hope these budget friendly 1st birthday party ideas give you the inspiration you need to plan a spectacular, yet affordable celebration for your child’s special day. Use your imagination and crafting skills to save money. Your celebration will be far more interesting and meaningful if it is filled with things that you made by hand. Have fun planning for your child’s big day and congratulations!

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