Bridal Shower Ideas – Pamper That Bride-To-Be

Soft Pink Bubbles Bridal Shower Invitation wording

A bridal shower is a fun way to honor tradition and get the bride-to-be in the company of friends and relatives to celebrate the upcoming wedding. Its a good chance to pamper the bride and celebrate her luck in love. Traditionally, bridal showers have been gift-giving parties thrown before the wedding and hosted by the Maid of Honor or a family friend. While couple’s showers have become more common, typically a bridal shower is a ladies’ only affair. If you are hosting the bridal shower, be sure to keep the bride-to-be’s personality in mind while sorting through these bridal shower ideas.

Bridal Shower Invitations

Soft Pink Bubbles Bridal Shower ideas Invitation wording

From formal and traditional to cute and contemporary, we’ve got a fantastic collection of bridal shower invitations for you to choose from. Select the style that best fits your particular party.

Bridal Shower Ideas & Tips

During the pre-planning phase, think of the following:

  • Is she the feminine sort or the more sport loving kind? By keeping the bride-to-be’s preferences in mind you are more likely to come up with a plan that lives up to her expectations.
  • Is she an introvert or an extrovert? If she is the outgoing type with a large circle of friends, then maybe a co-ed shower (which is more a party than a shower) is the way to go. Increasingly, men are getting more involved with all the aspects of a wedding, and couple’s showers are also gaining a lot of popularity. If she is introverted or the traditional type, keep it ladies only.

Bridal Shower Guests List

 For any bridal shower it is typical to include

  • The Bride’s female friends
  • The Bride’s female family members
  • The Groom’s female friends
  • The Groom’s female family members

Depending on your and the bride-to-be’s preferences, the shower could be a small intimate affair with 10-20 friends or a bigger event. It is a good idea to consult the bride, and the bride’s mother and groom’s mothers about whom to invite. If you are hosting a co-ed shower,  invite both the bride and groom, as well as their close male and female friends.

Bridal Shower Ideas: Venue

 The choice of the venue is frequently dictated by the number of people you wish to invite and the budget that you have in mind. For smaller groups, you can host the shower at your home. For larger groups you will need to find an external venue.

Come and Go Shower: If you are hosting a large group shower but don’t have the budget to rent an external venue, a come and go shower hosted at your home is a great idea. This shower is more like an open house. The guests could come and enjoy some food and spend some intimate time with the bride. After this, the guests could mingle with any other guests who have arrived at the same time and then be free to leave. With this type of shower, you also get to accommodate varying schedules of the guests invited.

Bridal Shower Date:  A bridal shower is best hosted about one to two months in advance of the wedding date. Avoid the dates too close to the wedding since the bride is likely to be busy.

Bridal Shower Theme: Pick the theme for the shower and then the gift and all the other details like the decorations, activities and food will fall into place. Your Bridal Shower themes and the gift theme don’t necessarily have to be the same. For example, it is perfectly alright to have a Luau theme for the bridal shower and the Kitchen theme for the gifts.

Bridal Shower Invitations Once you have made up your mind on the date, the guest list, the theme and the venue, you are ready to send out your invites. Bridal shower invitations should be sent about three weeks prior to the event. This will give the guests enough time to RSVP. However, as a hostess, you do need to be prepared to receive guests who have not sent you an RSVP.

Brides and the Grooms gift registry Showers are all about “showering” the couple. Therefore if the bride and the groom have a gift registry it is a great idea to mention it somewhere on the invitations. This way the guests can come in with gifts that the couple not only needs but wants!

Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas Once you decide on a theme the decorating practically plans itself.

  • Along with the decorations, a towel cake makes for a great centerpiece. It is also a gift the bride really appreciates.
  • Another good centerpiece idea are these bride and groom wine bottle covers. This great set is perfect to bring a couple of bottles of wine or champagne in. The happy couple will love these adorable “outfits” on their bottles.

It is also traditional to decorate with paper wedding bells, streamers, balloons and tulle. However, be sure not to overdo the whole effect.
Bridal Shower Activities Though not absolutely necessary, games and activities can be a great idea. If done well, they make great ice breakers. Read More on bridal shower games here.

Unwrapping of the gifts As the bride opens her gifts, remember that it is traditional to make a bow bouquet with the gift bows from the presents. The bride can then use the bow bouquet at her wedding rehearsal. However, if it is a large shower or a co-ed shower, maybe you could ask the guests to come along with gifts that are not wrapped, but just decorated. You could then have a separate area earmarked for the display. Designate someone to write down every gift she receives so that she can send thank you notes.

Words of Wisdom Circulating a message book so that guests could write their messages for the bride-to-be is a good idea. A book with messages from all her friends and loved ones is something the bride would cherish. Better yet, make it a bridal shower guestbook for them to sign as they enter or leave.

Bridal Shower Food A bridal shower should not only be fun for the guests, but also for the planners. The food you serve at the shower can be as simple or as elegant as you’d like. If you are hosting the shower outdoors, a barbecue would be a good idea. High tea with its elegant fare of dainty sandwiches and pastries is also popular, as is a brunch buffet. The idea here is to serve easy to eat finger foods.

Special Touches You could offer the bride a tiara to wear through the shower. Also arrange for a chair especially decorated at a center point for the bride-to-be.

At the end of the shower, help the bride get the gifts and be ready to transport the bride and her gifts home. A suitcase or travel bag at hand would definitely be appreciated by the bride.

Enjoy the shower!

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