Bridal Shower Ideas – Beyond the Traditional Shower

As a member of the bridal party, you’ve been nominated to help with planning all the wedding details. With budgets tight, many brides are opting to do more of the prep work themselves. Things like creating their own custom wedding invitations, wedding favors, putting together floral arrangements and decorating the venue. These are daunting tasks for the the bride and groom to handle alone so that’s where you, the bridal attendant, come in! We’ve put together some great tips to help you plan beyond the traditional bridal shower, so you can maximize the help required to plan and prepare for the big day!

Retro Kitchen Recipe bridal shower invitation

Assembly Line Theme

Plan a work party for the assembling of invitations or favors. Make sure you have all the necessary supplies for all the attendees. Entice the wedding party to come over with a tasty chili bar or taco bar. Offer cold beverages like margaritas or the couples’ favorite beer to keep the assembly line going. Make sure to either serve the food before or after the assembling is complete. You don’t want any chili stains on the couple’s elegant invitations!

Decorating for the Big Day

If the bride and groom have opted to decorate the venue for their wedding it’s a good idea to organize the troops and delegate task ahead of time. The bride and groom should provide a layout of what they would like the room to look like but should have minimal involvement in the actual set up (the bride will be busy getting beautiful and the groom will be too nervous). The happy couple should not have to shoulder any of the stresses of this task. When sending out your invite, delegate the tasks to the individuals. This is a great way to incorporate out of town guests, cousins, in-laws and other who aren’t actually in the wedding party. With PurpleTrail online invites, it’s easy to communicate with guests and let them know all the details. And the best part is that they are free to send!

Bridal Survival Kits

Everyone in the wedding party should have a survival kit. Get all the wedding party members (except the bride and groom) to pitch in a few dollars and create these easy and essential kits for the big day. Bring the items and bags to the rehearsal dinner and have each person assemble their kit. Here are some suggested items to include:

For the Men
travel size deodorant
breath mints
small combs
safety pins
Oil Control blotting tissues (to minimize shine)
extra cuff links from the tux rental shop

For the Ladies
travel size deodorant
extra panty hose (if wearing)
bobby pins
small toothed comb
Oil Control blotting tissues (to minimize shine)
stain removal wipes
clear nail polish
nail file
inexpensive flip flops for late night dancing (or suggest the ladies bring their own favorite pair)


Having these items on hand will make any emergencies seem more manageable!  Use these tips to help your bride and groom prepare for their wedding. Cheers!


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